PPV Solutions

PPV Solutions is a facilities management company supporting large scale commercial businesses, with a particular focus on food manufacturing and commercial office floor management. Operating since 2015, they are an ambitious company servicing the areas of Peterborough, East Anglia and London.

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The challenge

PPVS were managing their jobs via Excel spreadsheets which, as the business grew, became a cumbersome process that led to multiple issues. Jobs would be duplicated, material costs would be lost and invoicing was slow.

This set-up also made it difficult to visualise their job processes, which meant the office team lacked the visibility and knowledge to address inefficiencies.

In order to grow efficiently, they identified that they needed to speed up their job process, better manage their assets and more effectively connect with their customers.

The solution

Having compared four service management software solutions, PPVS quickly selected Oneserve. Louis Joyce, Contracts Manager at PPVS explains: “Oneserve was head and shoulders above the rest because it delivers the level of detail we need to record all of our job information, but enables us to do so with ease thanks to its intuitive interface.”

Now, each of their work types, i.e. planned or quoted works, can be easily managed, and the office team have real-time visibility of job progress and the effectiveness of that progress.

Oneserve is one of the best investments we've made. It has enabled us to become much more efficient and, since using the software, our revenue has grown by 20% within a year.

Louis Joyce, Contracts Manager - PPV Solutions

The results

By streamlining processes and scheduling jobs efficiently, PPVS have increased the number of jobs they complete by 20%:

“Our turnaround in quotations has increased significantly. Everyone now has sight of sales reports, which gives us a clear indication of job progress.”

All relevant information is now directly stored against each job:

“Previously, we had to generate invoices manually, taking us around four hours to complete. With Oneserve, we complete this task within minutes.”

The simplicity of Oneserve means that new members of the team quickly understand the software:

“The team really like working with the software. A 30 minute training session is typically all that’s needed to get new team members up to speed.”


The number of jobs they complete has increased by 20%


Generating invoices now takes minutes


Training new users to use the system is quick and easy

I knew at an early stage that PPV Solutions would quickly reap the rewards of Oneserve. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and subsequently worked closely with us during the implementation process to ensure Oneserve was configured as effectively as possible. We pride ourselves on this collaborative approach and PPVS are proof of how effective it is.

Alex Walsh, Implementation Manager - Oneserve