Rugby Borough Council

In an effort to streamline their processes and increase efficiencies, Rugby Borough Council came to Oneserve looking for a truly comprehensive solution. Due to our previous work with other local authorities, we were able to recommend effective processes that kick started their service management journey.

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The Challenge

Rugby Borough Council provide a range of front line services to Rugby and its surrounding areas. Following a reliance on external contractors, their services were insourced in 2013. Operations were initially monitored via a paper-based system, however this proved difficult to keep track of jobs and identify efficiencies.

As pressures began to mount on their responsive repairs team, the system became unmanageable. Concerns were then raised over the system’s stability, due to the volume of data being processed, which ignited fears of losing said data altogether. They realised that a service management software solution would resolve these issues, and subsequently formed a procurement project group to map out their desired specification.






The Solution

After engaging with several field service management solutions, Oneserve was selected as the software that was both the most suitable and the best value for money. Our presence on the Government’s G-Cloud was also appealing because Rugby Borough Council were able to minimise the lengthy procurement process.

Today, Oneserve supports the council across their responsive repairs, assets and voids teams. Our software schedules and manages each job and gives complete visibility for both those carrying out the jobs via their mobile device, and those managing the operations in the office.

All data is stored in the system, removing the need for paperwork and giving all Oneserve users a single version of the truth. Rugby Borough Council also utilise the analytics feature in Oneserve, enabling them to measure key metrics, such as the average cost per job and first time fix rates.

Oneserve has given us visibility, efficiency and excellent customer service. The configurability of the system also delivers longevity because we can amend the system ourselves to meet our needs as they evolve.

Derrick Davenport, Property Repairs Manager - Rugby Borough Council

The Results

Streamlined processes
Oneserve manages the delivery process from end-to-end, honing efficiencies at every touchpoint. Derrick Davenport, Rugby’s Property Repairs Manager, clarifies what this has meant for them, “When I compare our current processes to our previous paper-based system, the difference is marked. Every element of our service delivery is now more efficient. For example, previously we would cost a job using paper forms, which was very labour intensive. Now, our admin team can complete the same process by simply clicking a few buttons.”

Limitless data capture

Oneserve holds a vast amount of data, and all of this information can be monitored and interrogated through our analytics feature. The council use this feature extensively, as Derrick explains, “The analytics function is very valuable to us. We use it to generate a number of regular KPI reports, together with lots of ad hoc reports. Oneserve helps us measure a variety of metrics from job end-to-end times to the average cost per job. In fact, our System Administrators can pretty much command anything that is requested of them through Oneserve Analytics.

Increased productivity

By giving everyone in the organisation instant access to the data they need, in order to complete their work more efficiently, the productivity gains naturally follow. Derrick explains, “It is difficult for us to measure the productivity improvements Oneserve has brought, because we didn’t have an insourced team for very long before implementing the system. But what is evident is the fact that, despite the workload remaining at the same level, or in some cases increasing, we no longer need the support of agency staff to keep up with the workload.

Better materials management

The value delivered by Oneserve continually develops over time because the more the software is used, the more data becomes available. Derrick confirms, “Now that we have some data behind us, we are able to use it to further improve our service. Take our materials as an example. We started to see trends with certain materials not living up to the quality standard we were sold. Now, because we have the evidence within Oneserve, we can hold the suppliers to count and remove any under-performing materials from our stock.

Efficient customer service

Maintaining high levels of tenant satisfaction is a key metric for all housing associations. Previously, to respond to requests/resolve issues, Rugby would have to look through their paperwork. Now, Oneserve provides all the information they need to respond to tenants quickly and precisely. As Derrick says, “Every job is stamped, and the audit trail assigned to each job gives us all the information we need to swiftly provide informed and confident answers.


Limitless data capture


Increased productivity


Efficient customer service

We have supported a number of housing associations and local authorities, who have insourced their works, and were subsequently able to both guide and reassure Rugby Borough Council as they embarked on improving their service delivery. I was able to recommend processes that have proven to be very effective for other clients, and this meant the council could kick start their service management journey with confidence.

Aaron Bilenkyj, Implementations Manager - Oneserve