Southern Housing Group

As one of southern England's largest housing associations, Southern Housing Group provide more than 28,000 homes for over 72,000 people. Southern Maintenance Services (SMS) was created to bring previously outsourced works back in-house, consolidating the group’s efforts to deliver outstanding customer service.

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The challenge

Southern Housing Group class repairs as one of their most vital services, especially from the point of view of their customers. They therefore recognised that their maintenance service would need to provide an outstanding level of customer satisfaction.

Having identified this, they quickly realised they would need greater control over their service delivery, both structurally, hence forming the DLO, but also in a more granular, day-to-day form.

With a strong team already in place ready to take on the task, the next logical step for them was to explore how field service management software could support them in this mission.

The solution

Our mission is to help our client-partners increase client retention through service delivery excellence, so it quickly became clear that we would be well placed to support Southern Housing Group with their strategic change.

We worked alongside the group to create a solution that would organise their maintenance team in the most efficient and consistent manner possible. The software gives everyone involved, from mobile operatives to the back office staff, clear visibility of the entire service process. It also creates a detailed audit trail of all works completed, enabling them to monitor and analyse their performance.

What customers remember from a ‘wow’ perspective is that they phoned up, we turned up when we said we would, we fixed the repair and, afterwards, a service call was made to check everything was OK.

Carl Dewey, Maintenance Service Director - Southern Housing Group

The results

Once implemented, Oneserve quickly became an integral part of Southern Housing Group’s new way of working, helping them realise a number of improvements, including customer satisfaction. During one reporting period, of 455 customers surveyed, 95% rated their service 8 or above, while 86% rated it 10 out of 10.

Thanks to Oneserve, they have also achieved:

  • Savings of circa £200,000 within 8 months of bringing works in-house.
  • A reduction in end-to-end repairs to 8.02 days (the industry standard is 11-15 days).
  • Reductions in travel time because the software rationalises each operative’s working day.
  • 100% customer satisfaction capture, thanks to Oneserve’s scheduling solution, which identifies the best time to call customers for feedback.

Savings of circa £200,000 within 8 months of bringing works in-house


100% capture of their customers’ satisfaction


A reduction in end-to-end repairs to 8.02 days (11-15 days is standard)