SuperGlass UK

SuperGlass is America’s number one glass repair company. The UK franchise was established in 2015, which has since expanded rapidly throughout the UK. From large fleet companies to individual clients, SuperGlass utilise a first class repair system and strive to provide an outstanding customer service.

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The challenge

After establishing a number of UK franchises, SuperGlass soon realised they were lacking the visibility required to ensure everyone was working to the same standard and operational processes. This meant it was difficult to verify the team’s consistency and quality of work, raising questions around their compliance policies.

On top of this, they had been distributing and logging jobs for their field staff via email. With no clear audit trails, they started to recognise significant inconsistencies and delays in their work.

Their service delivery was undoubtedly being hampered, which was vital to resolve quickly considering their focus on customer service.

The solution

SuperGlass were immediately able to take advantage of our secure cloud-based job distribution solution, with detailed job sheets and optimised workflows, ensuring everyone works to the same, most efficient processes.

The software also provides a straightforward way of recording job progress, including the use of images to evidence completion of work. Operatives record all data on their mobile device, giving an instant audit trail, job performance visibility and immediate access to the data that helps monitor service levels.

We have been able to promise and deliver a level of detail and transparency that surpasses our competition. From a sales point of view, this enables us to successfully pitch to bigger customers and secure mutually beneficial relationships with some key players in the repairs industry.

Phil Wells, Director - SuperGlass UK

The results

Consistency guaranteed
SuperGlass securely and effectively distribute jobs, whilst accurately capturing information from all of their operations. This information is standardised across the organisation, safeguarding the quality and consistency of all work carried out.

Simple, effective processes
The nature of a franchise business means we needed to consolidate their requirements and create a best-in-class solution that met their needs. We achieved this by introducing easy to follow workflows, which significantly reduced the time taken to complete admin and reporting.

Improved service
Having the means to capture job information on a superior level to their industry competitors has enabled them to successfully demonstrate competitive advantage against larger, more established peers.


Accurate distribution of jobs and data collection


Simplified workflows that have standardised their job processes


They have gained a competitive advantage over their peers