10 Essential Features of Field Service Management Software

Find out what your Field Service Software should offer.

If you’re considering a new field service management solution for your business, then you’re already on the path to transforming your performance. This list details ten things to look out for when choosing field service management software so you can make the right purchasing decision.

In order for a service management solution to provide real value to your organisation, there are certain fundamentals that your supplier and the software itself should offer. Find out some of the most important of these with this 10-point checklist. Here are just a few of the points the checklist considers:

  • Mobile reach – can the software be utilised effectively by your mobile workforce? For example, does it allow for real-time scheduling to mobile devices so your workforce has the latest information at their fingertips?
  • Connectivity – can your mobile workers continue using the mobile app in areas with little or no connectivity?
    Analytics – does the software allow you to collect and analyse data effectively?
  • Support – does your supplier provide support and help you to make the most of your service management solution?
    Integration – can the new solution be integrated with your existing systems?

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