Matching Your Needs to the Right Field Service Management Software


Matching your needs to the right solution for your business.

Every service organisation is different, so it figures that each organisation will have different needs when it comes to field service software. This buyer’s guide can help you align your organisation’s needs with the features you should look for in a solution.

The checklist details possible requirements you may have and details the features you should look for in software in order to meet these needs. Among the needs it addresses are:

  • More efficient scheduling. If you would like to be able to schedule field workers more efficiently, you’ll need a system that can schedule employees based on skill level, resource availability, drive time, materials and location.
  • Bring Your Own Device compatibility. You should probably look for a HTML5 mobile solution if you need something that is compatible with a large range of mobile devices.
  • The ability to analyse data. Make sure you can access dashboards that will allow you to drill down into specific KPIs.
  • Integration with existing systems. Check if potential suppliers have knowledge of your current software and the ability to integrate with it if required.

Download the Checklist