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Delivering real-time live alerts and engineer tracking

In a world where we have all become very familiar with receiving real-time updates from big brands like Amazon, Uber and DPD, Oneserve’s latest new feature allows you to deliver an enhanced experience to your customers, through sending real-time updates on the day of their appointment to keep them better informed. 

To deliver this new feature, Oneserve has teamed up with Localz, a leading provider of real-time customer communications and service tracking solutions. This partnership enables appointment data held in Oneserve to integrate seamlessly with Localz technology so that live alerts are automatically delivered to your end customers on the day of their appointment. This keeps them fully informed about who is arriving and at what time, and how far away they are right now, shown on a map.

In addition to the real-time updates received, customers also have the ability to provide instant feedback on the quality of their service appointment after your operative has marked it as complete. This feedback can be gathered from the end-user through a short survey sent via SMS, allowing you to gauge a live and honest picture of the customer experience you are delivering.

By improving your appointment communications your customers are kept better informed and subsequently feel more confident about your service delivery. This in turn means that they are more likely to be present at the time of their scheduled appointment, meaning costly ‘no access’ appointments are reduced. This is something that has already been evidenced by United Living Property Services who recently started using this functionality: “Since using location tracking, we have seen a 45% reduction in ‘no access’ appointments” said Jonathan Evans, Business Improvement Manager.

In addition to the customer-facing functionality, the back-end dashboard provides your office team with full visibility over the current location of your operatives giving you the insight needed to continually optimise your resources for best effect.

If you’d like to find out how Oneserve can help you transform your customer engagement and take your service delivery to a new level, get in touch with us today to find out more..

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