Custom Forms & Surveys

Create bespoke forms and surveys that are tailored to your specific needs to ensure you collate every piece of information that will add value to your organisation.

By designing custom forms and surveys, your workforce can capture relevant information on their mobile devices and then either generate company branded documents, such as gas safety certificates or risk assessments, or simply store the information in Oneserve.

An overview

Our custom form creator brings all of the benefits of our standard forms and surveys but adds lots of flexibility to capture information that is bespoke to your organisation.

Key benefits

Eliminate paperwork altogether

Thanks to our intuitive and flexible form builder, you can add questions specific to your business. This ensures you capture all the information you need to maximise your efficiencies.

Assign different access rights

Should you have a set of questions that is only relevant to a specific job type or team, you can set accessibility rules so the questions are only visible based on your pre-defined criteria.

Set quality control rules

To ensure business efficiency and compliance our customisable online form creator enables you to make fields mandatory. Until they are filled in, your engineer, cannot close the job.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Customisable Forms & Surveys

Step 1: Create bespoke surveys

Using the online form creator, build the fields you need to capture the information that is important to your business.

Step 2: Collate the information

The questions are presented on your team’s mobile devices in an intuitive format ensuring you accurately collate all the data you require.

Step 3: Utilise the data you collect

Information can be converted into company-branded documents such as a Gas Safety Record, or simply stored within Oneserve.