Standard Forms & Surveys

Capturing accurate and consistent data is one of the hardest tasks when you have a mobile workforce. Each person goes about each job in a slightly different way and some are more diligent at filling in forms than others.

As a result, you are left with data gaps, delays in receiving data and you are potentially at risk of breaching legal regulations. Oneserve simplifies this entire process, introducing consistency, whilst still giving you the flexibility to capture the data that is important to your business.

An overview

Our cloud based software enables you to either use a survey from our library, or create a bespoke survey which is accessed on your engineer's mobile device. Your workforce fill in the answers to capture all the necessary information in an efficient and accurate manner.

Key benefits

Eradicate manual paperwork

Remove the need for any manual paperwork by creating electronic versions of your forms and surveys. This removes the ambiguity created by illegible handwriting and eliminates delays in receiving data.

Ensure compliance

You can make form fields mandatory which ensures you will always capture the information you need to prove your compliance. This could be a gas safety certificate or a health & safety risk assessment.

Increase accessibility

Our mobile app is accessible via the cloud on any device giving you mobile workforce access to everything they need. With all forms and surveys recorded within Oneserve, your office team also have immediate access to the same data.

What you can expect from Oneserve's Forms and Surveys Software

Step 1: Create forms and surveys

Using the form and survey builder, create the fields you need to capture the information that is important to your business. You can make these fields mandatory to ensure you capture consistent and accurate information.

Step 2: Assign to job types

Rather than your team scrolling through a long list of forms, you can connect the form/survey to job types. For example, if an operative attends a gas job, Oneserve will automatically display the questions required for the gas safety record.

Step 3: Use the forms and surveys

Whether capturing job information, collecting customer feedback or ordering parts - your team will access the form directly on their mobile device. Once the form is complete, the information is instantly visible to your office staff.