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Field Service: How to minimise the impact

The coronavirus pandemic is a deep humanitarian crisis that is also gravely affecting the global economy. As the UK battles with COVID-19 through travel bans, lockdowns and the closure of educational establishments, all those that can, are being asked to work from home.

It is clear that technology is going to be a real life-line during this crisis; helping those in isolation to remain connected to the rest of the world and allowing workforces to continue to be united remotely. But what are the particular impacts for those organisations operating with a mobile workforce?

We have identified 5 ways that Field Service Management software can provide invaluable support to organisations operating with mobile workforces during these uncertain times:

1. Constantly connected teams with real-time visibility

Keeping tabs of mobile workers is a challenge at the best of times, but with the added complication of illness and self-isolation, this challenge becomes even greater. Oneserve’s Field Service Management software helps to keep teams connected. Through desktop and mobile app versions of the software, your back-office team and mobile workforce can easily work in tandem with one another, wherever they are. All teams have sight of data they need to work effectively and the cloud-nature of the software means this information is updated in real-time. By giving both office and mobile teams access to all relevant job information through one system, you not only bridge all common communication issues but you also give your teams the tools and information they need to operate with greater accuracy.

2. Business as usual

In these unprecedented times, a Software as a Service (SaaS) product can provide the reliability that is absolutely vital in keeping a business running. Oneserve is hosted in the Cloud meaning it can be accessed at any time or anywhere, provided there is an internet connection. The speed, scalability and collaborative nature of cloud technology helps to close the disconnection between office and field-based teams that will now be even more present. For those of us who operate in the cloud, although our working patterns and environments have changed, we are in the privileged position of being able to continue to work at the same level. This means that our technology never stands still, we are able to continue developing Oneserve, the benefits of which are automatically rolled out to our client-partners. So even during these times of uncertainty, our client-partners can be confident that they will continue to benefit from our latest product updates.

3. Resilience

We have worked hard to make Oneserve a very intuitive job management system, not just for front-end users but also for Super Users who can set-up much of the software themselves. This means that our client-partners aren’t reliant on us to configure the software or make changes along the way if their organisational needs require them to do so – something that is particularly beneficial during the current crisis when it is likely that processes will need to change. In this respect, Oneserve’s self-service functionality provides complete control over many customisable elements, ensuring the software continues to give your organisation the resilience it needs.

4. Quick and easy scheduling / rescheduling

In this time of uncertainty when many existing appointments may need to be postponed or cancelled, you will find that one of the biggest advantages of using a Field Service Management system like Oneserve to manage your jobs is that their scheduling tools enable appointments to be easily cancelled, modified or rescheduled through a few simple clicks. This means that if several appointments need to be cancelled or amended, it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently through the software. If customer notifications (i.e. SMS or letter) have been assigned against certain appointment types, you can choose for these to be automatically re-issued to the customer at the appropriate point, saving further time for your team.

5. Improved efficiency

As organisations face heightened challenges in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, it will be more important than ever to accurately monitor and measure performance. In the face of adversity, maximising the performance of your teams in this ever-evolving situation and managing your jobs as efficiently as possible will be critical. Everything Oneserve does has efficiency at its heart – from the optimised scheduler to the forms and surveys builder. As data is input into the system you can generate business intelligence through the self service reports and dashboards. This insight provides the business intelligence you need to continually uncover efficiency savings.

At this unprecedented time, it is clear that business leaders of service organisations with mobile workforces face real challenges and these challenges are exacerbated by the fast-moving situation. But with the right software partner, such organisations can remain reliably connected to their mobile workforces anywhere and at any time; with quick and easy access to job scheduling / rescheduling and the ability to improve overall business efficiencies and performance. To find out more about our job management software, please explore the full range of product features or speak to one of our friendly advisers who will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

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