Five star Power: Why tenants should be able to rate their landlord like their favourite restaurant
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Five-star power

Why tenants should be able to rate their landlord like their favourite restaurant.

We rate everything these days. Go out for a nice meal? Rate it. Watch a film on Netflix? Rate it. That new gadget you bought online, which arrived on time and works a treat? You’re likely to be straight onto the website to let everyone know what you think.

We’re all about sharing our experiences, good and bad, and it helps, right? It helps us make better choices and it makes businesses accountable for the quality of the products and services they provide.

So, here’s a thought: why aren’t social housing tenants able to do this for their landlords? Imagine if they could. “Five stars for fixing my tap in a jiffy!” or “One star because it took three return visits to finally sort the issue”. Sounds useful, doesn’t it?

A call for transparency

While you can’t compare the importance of safely fixing a boiler to enjoying a meal out on a Friday evening, we are just making the point that ratings and reviews are now a normal part of everyday life.

In our recent tenant survey ‘Beyond Four Walls’, the overwhelming majority (67%) of tenants confirmed this too, stating that it would be helpful if their landlord had an independent  Trustpilot/ Tripadvisor type review system. So, why hasn’t this yet come about as standard within social housing? 

Just like with meals out and hotel stays, tenants want transparency. They want a way of saying what they think of their home and the service they have received. And most importantly, they want to hold their landlords to account.

And it’s not just about venting or praising. It’s about improving standards across the board. With the new Consumer Standards coming into effect from April 2024, and their focus on quality, engagement and transparency, this kind of rating system could be a way for tenants to provide  feedback.

Why does it matter?

We’re always comparing services and looking for the best experience. And tenants’ homes and the services they receive from landlords should be no different. This isn’t about making life harder for landlords. Far from it. It’s about working together to raise the bar. It’s about making sure that when it comes to the places tenants call home, they’re getting the best possible service.

Adopting a rating system in social housing would help to change the way tenants think about their homes. It’s simple, really. With a clearer view of what to expect, tenants can make informed decisions – and landlords can see exactly where they need to step up their game. It’s a win-win.

Introducing a tenant rating system seems worthy of consideration in light of the new consumer standards. If we can rate a meal out and a movie on a Friday evening, then surely tenants need to have the ability to rate something as important as the quality of their homes and the service they receive from their landlord.

Oneserve already supports social housing landlords in capturing tenant feedback on the quality of their repairs service – Gravesham Borough Council achieve 5* satisfaction ratings on 76% of appointments.

Perhaps now the time has come to deliver this same level of transparency to tenants, and turn it into a social housing sector norm.

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