Facilities Management and Maintenance Software

CAFM Software for Facilities Management companies.

Facilities Maintenance and Management Software
With squeezing profit margins, a shortage of skilled staff and growing competition, we know it’s important that facility management companies have effective software in place that can manage their jobs, workforce and subcontractors.

In such a fast growing service industry, it’s of paramount importance that facility management companies can respond to jobs quickly and give exceptional customer service. This can be achieved through using the CAFM software from Oneserve. Here are just some of the solutions that we can provide for your facility management company:

  • Intelligent Scheduling: Raise jobs, forecast & set job timescales, assign parts and dispatch engineers
  • Accurate Billing & Reporting: Automatically capture electronic audit trails for efficient invoicing, cost strategies & performance monitoring
  • Fix it first time: A more sophisticated, yet streamlined approach to workforce planning, can substantially lower cost and improve customer service
  • Work Order Management – Consolidate all your decision making & operational processes into streamlined workflows
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere – Field workers can view appointments and capture information – anywhere, anytime

Through using our CAFM software, some of our clients have seen first time fix rates improve to 93% and increase productivity by 25%.

If you would like to find out more about what our facilities software can do, please call the sales team on 01392 354366 or if you would like to have a free demo, just click here.