Field service management for Local Government

Supporting local government organisations.

Oneserve supports local government organisations, at all levels, deliver a quality service that offers real value for money. This is achieved through providing a streamlined system that is extremely user-friendly, uniting your people and processes for optimised efficiency, increased productivity and strong collaboration.

Develop and execute effective service management systems that truly represent the needs of both your customers and service personnel, resulting in a quality service that is consistently delivered in time and on budget. Our aim at Oneserve is to provide you with an intuitive platform that empowers you with unparalleled control and real-time visibility, so you can achieve your business objectives and support continuous service improvement, where and when ever you need it.

This is accomplished through providing a scalable platform that supports easy configuration and customisation, a significant factor in helping our clients iterate service excellence whilst maintaining a lean cost base. Consolidating every aspect of your service delivery into one powerful solution, Oneserve offers its users superior operational control, visibility and sustainable efficiency.

Thanks to advanced functionality such as intelligent scheduling software, powerful workforce mobility and superior finance & reporting tools, our software provides all the necessary tools to support optimised worker environments conducive to productivity, customer loyalty and tangible profitability.

  • Share data and inspire good practice with our customisable dashboards
  • Identify and mitigate risk with greater accuracy with powerful reporting
  • Leverage approval mechanisms to support department compliance
  • Equip your mobile workforce and field engineers with productivity boosting technology
  • Empower your back office teams to make better informed decisions

Aside from increasing productivity and incentivising stronger collaboration, optimising your business processes can significantly boost your compatibility with other businesses. This paves the way for effective relationships with third party stakeholders and other strategic networks.

As a result, Oneserve have enabled many local government authorities transform their processes into a highly focused service, delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and value for money, year on year. Find out more today.