HVAC asset management software

Predictive maintenance software for the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning industry

Transform the way you manage your assets
The nature of the HVAC industry means there are a vast amount of parts and assets to maintain at any given time. When your customer’s HVAC asset fails it can be very costly to their business. As a result, you do everything possible to prevent this failure, from regular servicing to periodically replacing parts. And when downtime does occur you have skilled engineers with easily accessible parts who respond quickly.

But maintaining this level of service whilst effectively managing your operating costs is a multifaceted task. The entire job process, whether planned or reactive maintenance, is involved; from scheduling engineers, to recording information about each asset, to managing stock levels. Every element impacts the next and can ultimately collide with the customer experience you want to deliver; not to mention the impact it has on your profit margins.

Effective tools for asset management
Oneserve is an intuitive asset management system that will coordinate both your engineers and business processes.

  • Complete visibility – everyone in your organisation can access job information, wherever they are, providing real-time visibility and instant collaboration.
  • Intelligent scheduling – automatically schedule the correctly skilled engineer with the right parts at the right time.
  • Accurate billing and reporting – automatically capture electronic audit trails for efficient invoicing, cost strategies and performance monitoring.

But what if you could deliver a predictive rather than a reactive service?

With Oneserve infinite you can.

Using sensors attached to the HVAC assets, whether inbuilt or fitted retrospectively, Oneserve infinite monitors a wide range of variables, such as temperature, vibrations and overall usage. This information is relayed in real-time via our cloud and analysed using deep learning AI (Artificial Intelligence). The benefit of this is twofold:

Fix a problem before it causes downtime – Oneserve infinite alerts you when an asset is showing signs of failure. You can then attend the site and carry out the necessary maintenance before the asset actually fails.

Service and replace parts when needed – rather than periodically servicing an asset to prevent failures, Oneserve infinite will monitor usage metrics and alert you when servicing is required. For example, should one client only use their AC for 6 hours a week, infinite will calculate a less frequent service than that of a client that uses theirs 24 hours a day.

Control assets remotely
The information Oneserve infinite interrogates is stored in easily digestible dashboards. For extra security, should infinite alert your team to a potentially dangerous failure, they can access the asset remotely, compliantly and cost effective to take it offline.

Assess the viability of each asset
The intelligent learning created by Oneserve infinite goes one step further by helping you project Commercial Asset Viability. By gathering asset performance data such as the cause of failure and usage patterns, you can understand the remaining useful life of each asset with precision and accuracy.

This predictive approach to maintenance not only goes beyond your customer’s expectations, it also reduces your operating costs. Find out more about how Oneserve can transform the way you deliver your HVAC service maintenance by requesting a demo.