OEM field service management software

Predictive maintenance software for the Original Equipment Manufacturer Industry

Optimise uptime and your service offering
Many OEMs pride themselves on the reliability of their machines and offer robust service packages as part of their overall proposition to set themselves apart from their competitors. However, in today’s challenging climate, the ability to adhere to aggressive SLAs often comes at a significant cost to the provider and is still based on a negative; machine failure.

What if you were able to offer a service that enabled you to prevent unplanned downtime?

Oneserve infinite can do exactly that.
Oneserve infinite uses sensors attached to your machinery (inbuilt or added retrospectively) to provide a real-time conversation with your machine assets. Temperature, vibrations, water detection, movement, energy flows and behaviour, can all be relayed in real time to infinite’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine to understand when a machine is going to fail.

With this information, Oneserve automatically notifies dedicated people or teams as to the detection of a potential failure. The system also automatically plans the right resource, parts and tasks to ensure uptime is optimised in a planned and cost-effective way.

As well as predicting failures, Oneserve infinite will track and analyse the performance of each asset for future planning.

The data gathered during the life of a machine; the usage pattern, the failures detected, and their cause can then then be used to create future maintenance schedules with much greater detail and accuracy than ever previously achievable. In addition, Commercial Asset Viability projections can be created to understand and manage the remaining useful life of each asset.

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