Software to manage the installation of smart meters

Installation management software to help you meet tight project deadlines by maintaining efficiency and visibility.

Efficient installation management software for the Smart Metering industry

Oneserve makes keeping up to date with targets easy for those in the smart metering industry. With access to vital information in real-time your team can ensure a smooth roll out of your smart meters.

With efficiency at the forefront, your installers can complete more jobs to a high standard, whilst your office based team can schedule jobs more effectively and instantly receive progress updates.

All in one system

From scheduling the installations, to alerting customers of their appointment, to carrying out the install and monitoring all progress - Oneserve does it all. This all encompassing solution means you have everything you need to succeed in meeting your installation targets.

Key benefits

Real-time collaboration

Oneserve connects your teams and your customers. With centralised data, your team have the insight they need to keep each installation on track. From installers viewing their schedule, including details such as how to access a property, to customers receiving appointment notifications, to office-teams monitoring successful installations - everyone has the information they need to work productively.

Enhanced performance

The visibility and efficiency in-built within Oneserve means you are likely to reduce drive times, have fewer repeat visits, increase customer satisfaction and increase the number of installations you complete per day. You can view schedules in a Gantt chart, add checklists for your installers and record photos against completed works. Oneserve gives you all the tools to deliver exceptional efficiency.

Strategic overview

Oneserve connects everybody in your team, storing all data in a single place. This gives you the insight you need to monitor progress and review performance. The data and analytics feature enables you to build and share reports to keep everyone in the loop. You can also access any data to evidence your work, whether that is photographic evidence of an installation, or details of the number of completed installs.

What to expect

Step 1: Schedule the installations

Ensure your installers are working to the most efficient job schedules possible. When booking a job, the Oneserve Optimised Scheduler automatically considers factors such as the installers location and experience. The software will also optimise routes to minimise drive time, giving your team the most productive schedule possible. These schedules can be viewed in a clear Gannt chart giving you clear visibility across your entire team.

Step 2: Complete the work efficiently

Your installers will receive their job schedule for the day on the Oneserve Mobile App which includes details such as the address, access details and any information on previous visits. Whilst on site, your installers will follow a set process which they must follow in order to complete the job. You may also choose to include surveys in this process or make the need to upload photographic evidence mandatory.

Step 3: Monitor stock and costs

Never over or under order stock again. Oneserve’s Parts and Stock feature gives you real-time visibility of all available stock and your installers can record what stock they have used on each job. You can also assign the cost of stock and labour against each job if needed. This gives you clear visibility of the cost to install whilst also giving you the insight necessary to forecast future financial and operational performance.