Track My Operative: Enhancing resident engagement within repairs services

Islington Council has portfolio of more than 27,000 properties and a repairs team of 120 operatives.  After bringing the majority of its operations in-house in 2012, the Council faced the task of updating and streamlining its service delivery to better meet residents’ needs. To help achieve this, in 2017, the Council chose to partner with Oneserve to support the delivery of its repair services. This brought in a new era of efficiency, customer satisfaction and operational flexibility for the Council. Keen to build upon this success and to meet their tenants’ evolving expectations, the Council sought to introduce even greater efficiency, transparency and communication in its repairs services in 2023.

During the pilot scheme, resident satisfaction rose from 3 out of 5 to 4.9 out of 5

Marked decrease in 'no access' incidents

Immediate insight into completed appointments and feedback from residents

Implementing 'Track My Operative' has been a game-changer for us at Islington Council. It's not just about the technology, it's about how we're using it to forge a stronger, more transparent relationship with our residents. The positive feedback we've received is a clear indicator that we're moving in the right direction."

Daniel Watkins, Programme Manager – Housing Property Services

The Challenge

Despite significant improvements from its collaboration with Oneserve, the Council recognised the need to adapt to the changing expectations of its residents, particularly regarding communication and service delivery.

In an era where instant updates are the norm, there was a noticeable gap in this area within the Council’s maintenance and repairs services. The Council aimed to bridge this gap by providing a more transparent and communicative repairs process, aiming to reduce no-access appointments and enhance resident satisfaction.

With the introduction of the new Consumers Standards from April 2024, the Council recognised it also needed to adapt its service delivery to ensure compliance could be evidenced around engagement and communication with residents.  Therefore, the introduction of a system that would support this, and help gather data on tenant satisfaction around repairs, was seen as highly beneficial to the Council.

The Solution

Implementing Track My Operative

In its continuous effort to leverage technology for improved service delivery, Islington Council, introduced Oneserve’s ‘Track My Operative’. This innovative solution was designed to inform residents in real-time about the status of their repair appointments, reflecting the Council’s commitment to transparency and effective communication.

On the day of their repair appointment, Track My Operative enables residents to:

  • Receive SMS updates about their repair appointment.

  • View the operative’s location as they travel to the appointment.

  • Directly communicate with the operative if necessary, significantly improving the service experience.

The pilot phase, in the southern part of the borough, involved meticulous planning, testing and resident engagement to finetune the system. Close collaboration between the Council and Oneserve was instrumental in the smooth roll-out and acceptance of the new functionality.

The Result

The deployment of Track My Operative significantly enhanced the Council’s service delivery and has resulted in:

  • Better Communication: The system’s real-time updates and direct communication line markedly decreased ‘no access’ incidents, a frequent obstacle in the Council’s service delivery.

  • Increased Resident Satisfaction: The pilot phase achieved exceptionally positive responses, with the service receiving an overall satisfaction score of 4.9 out of 5, compared to 3 out of 5 before Track My Operative.

Resident feedback received included:

“I received a text reminder yesterday and also today before the operative arrived – which was good.”

“Carpenter attended within one hour and completed repair. Very courteous and helpful young man. Excellent service all around.”

For the Council’s service team, the introduction of Track My Operative simplified the management and scheduling of jobs, providing immediate insight into completed appointments and feedback from residents. In response to the challenge of meeting the new Consumer Standards, the Council’s use of Track My Operative is proving to be a key tool in meeting and evidencing the required compliance standards.

Building on Success

The successful implementation of Track My Operative supports Islington Council’s commitment to exceeding resident expectations and its innovative approach to service delivery. This initiative, supported by the ongoing partnership with Oneserve, has enhanced operational efficiency and resident engagement.

“Track My Operative is key to enhancing transparency and engagement, crucial for meeting the evolving Consumer Standards. It demonstrates the Council’s dedication to elevating resident satisfaction and operational transparency, essential for adhering to and exceeding these standards in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.”


Daniel Watkins, Programme Manager – Housing Property Services

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