Powerful field service management software dedicated to protecting the future of social housing.

 For busy landlords looking to reduce risk, improve efficiency and delight more tenants.

Reduce Risk

Identify and prevent a range of Mould, Fire, Gas, Electric and Building Safety issues to maximise safety and reduce risk.

Improve Efficiency

  • Full visibility over people, parts and jobs
  • Gather data-rich insights and deliver clear reporting
  • Equip operatives with more information and improve key processes in real-time.

Delight Tenants

Increase customer and tenant satisfaction scores by completing more repairs faster and communicating with tenants better.

Oneserve empowers:

Senior leaders, managers and operatives to deliver the first-rate, risk-free housing tenants deserve.

Senior Leaders

Boost surplus, lower operating costs and reduce regulatory risk by making smarter business decisions rooted in clear data and clean reporting.


Better understand repairs, health and safety, service capacity, parts, and operatives skills and schedules, with full start-to-finish workforce management.

Field Service Operatives

Always have the correct parts on the van, job information at hand and the tools you need to deliver the service tenants deserve.

Oneserve delivers:

A range of revenue and efficiency-driving results to ensure your organisation thrives.

Maintain compliance and reduce organisational risk

Improve first-time-fix rates and lower costs

Improve visibility across people, jobs and processes

Cost savings on stock & inventory management

Powerful reporting with clean, streamlined data

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Delivering first-rate social housing repairs

Essential reading for busy senior leaders and mid-level managers in progressive social housing organisations looking to:

  1. Improve data collection, analysis and insight
  2. Boost repairs servce performance
  3. Deliver and improved service to tenants

Reduce risk

Protect both yourself and tenants against the regulatory and compliance risks of mould, fire, gas, electric and building safety across the board.

Oneserve helps you ensure compliance by spotting risks early

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Capture critical evidence and record every touchpoint with ease

Evidence Capture Software

Visual evidence and signatures can be easily recorded through the Oneserve Mobile App and accessed in real-time by back-office teams. 

This provides a complete audit trail of who undertook what work, when, and in which property, and belonging to which tenant so Compliance can be tracked and proven with ease.

Adapt and react to regulatory change with no disruption

Custom Workflow Software

Create your own custom workflows, job sheets and forms to meet the specific requirements of your organisation. As legislation requirements evolve and change, you can continuously evolve your workflows, job sheets and forms within Oneserve, keeping you in control of managing compliance within your organisation.

Never miss a critical safety check with automated scheduling

Automatic Scheduling Software

Never miss critical gas, electric or building safety checks again. Automatic scheduling of cyclical appointments ensures you can easily stay ahead of your compliance obligations through a seamless appointment planning process.

Improve efficiency

Transform and modernise your workforce and processes to improve efficiency, reduce admin and drive better results.

Oneserve reduces admin and boost operational performance to game-changing levels

Auto-allocate and track jobs in real-time to reduce admin

Scheduling & Appointment Tracking Software

Allocate, track and report on more jobs faster by automating how, when and why operatives are both assigned and report back on jobs based on unique availability, skills and requirements.

Connect people, parts and processes with a single platform

Cloud Based Field Service Management Software


Connect all operatives, office teams and subcontractors through a single platform to drive better operational visibility and encourage more effective collaboration.

Make better decisions with cleaner, faster data.

Workflow Management Software

Capture, analyse and enact more effective business insights by solving fractured data silos and broken communication channels through clean data and powerful reporting.

Delight tenants

Delight tenants daily by both preventing and solving more problems in record time.

Oneserve helps you deliver the social housing tenants deserve

Boost first-time fix rates

Customer Job Diagnostic Software

Identify tenants’ details and retrieve specific property data to better equip your field operatives ahead of their appointments. Improved planning, job diagnosis and overall service management means more repairs and maintenance jobs can be completed first time.

Reduce your number of reactive repairs

Predictive Maintenance Software

Solve repair problems before they even manifest thanks to automated alerts warning of potential failures to reduce the need for disruptive reactive servicing.

Give tenants the power of self-service

Track My Operative Software

Empower tenants with the information they need to give them complete visibility and peace of mind around their repairs appointment. Automated appointment reminders, arrival time updates and real-time operative tracking on a map view ensures that tenants know who will be carrying out their repair and when.

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The secret to delighting more tenants every day

Essential reading for busy senior leaders and mid-level managers in progressive social housing organisations.

  1. Respond quicker and fix more issues faster
  2. Use customer data to make more informed decisions
  3. Ensure every department is focused on the needs of customers

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