Oneserve work with the public and private sector

With experience working in both the public and private sectors, Oneserve is a field service management solution that effectively supports any business with a mobile workforce.


Private Sectors

Oneserve Field Service Management Software is used by a wide range of companies around the UK and we pride ourselves on providing a solution that is right for each client, no matter what their specific needs and requirements are. Below are some examples of the types of industries that already benefit from Oneserve. 

Field Service Management Solutions for the building services industry
Our building services customers find Oneserve particularly valuable to plan, schedule and manage multiple jobs, contracts and engineers. Our building services management software enables them to do this with precision, consistency and efficiency because it gives them real-time visibility and tighter control over critical factors such as cost and workforce productivity.

Field Service Management Solutions for the construction industry
Delivering a construction project on time requires detailed planning and scheduling which can consume a great deal of time. Our service management software simplifies this process by scheduling and monitoring all jobs, workers and contractors within one system. This provides clear visibility of the entire job process making it far easier to monitor progress and performance.

Field Service Management Solutions for the social housing industry
Those responsible for maintaining social housing properties continue to experience growing pressures to maintain high living standards quickly and at a cost effective price. This leaves little room for inefficiency which is why many in the social housing industry have turned to Oneserve to manage all of their reactive and planned maintenance works. From job diagnosis through to completion, Oneserve helps our social housing customers deliver highly efficient services and outstanding customer service, whilst driving down costs across their operations.

Field Service Management Solutions for the utilities industry
Oneserve supports many utility companies by providing a service management system that delivers sustainable efficiencies and long-term productivity gains. Our software optimises engineer time, streamlines processes and provides tighter control and visibility across the entire organisation. All information is stored within our utilities job management system, removing the need for paperwork and giving real-time access to all data.

Field Service Management Solutions for the facility management industry
The facilities management industry is complex with responsibility for reactive and planned maintenance often spread across a vast number of sites. Oneserve’s facilities management software helps to simplify this process by managing the scheduling of all jobs in a single system. Oneserve also records details of assets and makes that information instantly available to those who need it. As a result, our facility management customers achieve a far more consistent and productive operation that eradicates unnecessary cost.

Public Sectors

We work with the NHS, Local Governments and social housing providers. No matter what their specific organisational requirements are, the outcome is always the same – Oneserve helps to improve productivity and reduce costs. These efficiency improvements subsequently also result in a better end user experience. 

To simplify the procurement process for our public sector customers, Oneserve is available on the UK Government’s G-Cloud Digital Marketplace. Our inclusion in the G-Cloud Catalog enables the UK public sector to easily procure and take advantage of our unified and intuitive cloud-based solution.

The Government’s G-Cloud platform helps deliver cloud technology to Government organisations and departments that need a flexible and responsive solution. As a Digital Marketplace supplier we have successfully been through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) process. That means public sector organisations can save on the time, complexity and cost traditionally associated with entering into individual procurement contracts.

The Government created the G-Cloud to address the increased adoption of cloud computing, as public sector organisations and departments seek alternative ways to reduce costs and deploy more agile solutions. Learn more about our configurable and highly collaborative mobile workforce management software by visiting us on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace. Click here.