Optimising Gilmartins' Mobile Workforce: Enhancing Systems and Processes


Gilmartins is a contractor that specialises in property maintenance, with expertise in building repairs and maintenance. With over two decades of experience, the company provides domestic services to a wide range of sectors, including Education, Retail, Health, Hotels, Heritage, Design and Build, Developments, Commercial, and Public Sectors.

Field operatives have increased their job output

They have been able to move into new markets

They have secured a contract worth £50 million

It’s David and Goliath stuff. Partnering with Oneserve has enabled us to win work against the odds – against some of the big players."

Dean Bradley, Managing Director – Gilmartins

The Challenge

To enhance their service quality and attract more business opportunities, Gilmartins recognised the necessity of optimising the systems and processes that governed their mobile workforce. They aimed to replace their labour-intensive method with a mobile solution that could furnish comprehensive reporting, better management visibility, and streamlined operations.

Cumbersome administrative procedures were causing significant delays for their teams. Moreover, their rigid system posed a challenge to scaling up operations when undertaking new projects.

Considering these limitations, Gilmartins decided to explore their field service options and overhaul their service delivery mechanism.

The Solution

Collaborating closely with Gilmartins, we established a partnership to gain a thorough comprehension of their business requirements. Our objective was to develop a field service management solution that would address their needs in the most efficient way possible.

We facilitated their transition from a manual paper-based system to a mobile solution, fostering interconnectivity across the entire organisation and reducing administrative redundancies. This comprehensive connectivity also bolstered visibility, and the adoption of a uniform online system has led to accurate and simplified reporting.

The Result

Gilmartins has established a process for feeding all operational job data immediately into their system, providing complete operational transparency to every member of the organisation. This has enhanced staff accountability, simplifying performance monitoring and enabling business improvements:

Productivity Boost
Thirty field operatives have amplified their productivity to five jobs per day.

Market Expansion
Benefitting from Oneserve’s swift implementation and adaptability, Gilmartins has expanded into new markets.

New Business Acquisitions
Gilmartins has secured a 10-year contract with Origin Housing valued at £50 million and a 3-year contract with Direct Line Group.

Industry Recognition
Gilmartins has won the Most Innovative Procurement award at the Housing Innovation Awards and has been nominated as a finalist for Contractor of the Year at the Housing Excellence Awards.

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