Oneserve Infinite

Oneserve Infinite is our predictive field service management software solution. By leveraging IoT (Internet of Things), big data and AI (artificial intelligence), it redefines the way you resolve maintenance tasks and machine failures, preventing costly downtime and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Why Oneserve Infinite?

Oneserve Infinite redefines your maintenance proposition. Gone are the days when you need to wait for an asset to fail, or for a customer to call and tell you about a problem. Our predictive maintenance software is built upon complex deep learning algorithms which autonomously understand when a fault is likely to occur. This enables you to take action before failure happens, saving you time and money.

Three ways Oneserve Infinite can be used

Maximise uptime

Organisations with a critical asset will understand the impact asset failure has on workforce productivity, customer satisfaction and profitability. Oneserve Infinite predicts downtime before the event occurs, enabling you to carry out essential maintenance before it impacts your production line. This allows you to continue operating with minimal disruption.

Enhance service delivery

Oneserve Infinite continually monitors the assets you maintain. Should one of these assets start operating outside of it's normal parameters, for example, a boiler overheating, your operative will be informed via an easily digestible dashboard. At this point a site visit will be arranged to resolve the problem before it impacts your customer.

Improve job efficiency

Oneserve Infinite uses all the data collected from each job to build relationships between a ‘bad’ job and its contributing factors. Using this intelligence, we can predict when a job will fail at the point it is created, allowing your team to make corrections or amendments to ensure the job succeeds.

Three core benefits of Predictive Field Service Management

Improve customer satisfaction

Excelling customer expectations is profitable. A 1% increase in customer satisfaction can result in a 12% increase in profitability. Therefore the ability to resolve a customer issue before it occurs, makes a predictive maintenance model extremely beneficial.

Increase your profit margin

Reactive maintenance can be 20 times more expensive than planned maintenance. Predictive field service management significantly reduces the need for reactive maintenance by predicting failure events and downtime. This results in a much more productive and cost effective service.

Create competitive edge

Oneserve Infinite increases uptime, productivity, first time fix rates and customer satisfaction, whilst reducing costs. By adopting this new, highly efficient, approach to service delivery, Oneserve Infinite will set you apart from the competition.