Oneserve Lite

Oneserve Lite is a pre-configured and cost effective solution, benefiting from Oneserve’s core functionality. Lite is perfect for organisations with straightforward processes that are looking to increase visibility and efficiency.

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Why Oneserve Lite?

We recognised that many organisations did not require the breadth of features provided by a full service management platform. We therefore created a pre-configured solution based on our award winning Enterprise product to deliver consistency, visibility and collaboration. As a result, Oneserve Lite is a cost-effective and quick to configure field service management solution that improves efficiencies and increases customer satisfaction.

An introduction to Oneserve Lite

Improve productivity & efficiency

With all of your operational information stored in one system, you can immediately see job progress, invoice more accurately and simply track margins made on jobs. As a result, you can easily see inefficiencies and effectively manage your service delivery.

Cost effective and scalable solution

Developed from our award winning Enterprise product, Oneserve Lite provides you with the same core functionality but at a cost effective price. Our monthly subscription model means there are no unexpected costs and it can scale with your business, as and when required.

Be up and running quickly

Oneserve Lite is a pre-configured solution which means you can be up and running quickly and efficiently. One of our implementation experts will work with you to configure the software and will provide a series of webinars with you to get you up to speed.

How your team will benefit from Oneserve Lite

Work together more efficiently

We provide your team with access to all the information they need to deliver an outstanding service. Your mobile workforce use Oneserve on their mobile device, whether on or offline. Your office team also has direct access to the information they need, ensuring your entire operation works efficiently.

Schedule jobs quickly and accurately

Book and schedule jobs quickly and accurately and send appointments straight to the engineer via their mobile device. Our scheduling tools take into account engineer skills and working areas to intelligently allocate each job. This ensures you get the right people, to the right job, first time, every time.

Full visibility of operations

Oneserve Lite will give your team real time access to schedule updates, such as when visits are extended or customers cancel unexpectedly. This insight into your front line activities, enables you to assign, monitor and track mobile workers effectively. As a result, you will continually optimise performance.