Revamping and upgrading windows for social housing organisations

Crystal Clear Window Works provides window contracting services to social housing organisations across the UK. Their unique process enables them to repair and re-engineer windows affected by condensation damage, and they have serviced thousands of clients. With over 50 principle contracts built up over the years, they are a trusted and reliable partner for social housing organisations.

Improved reporting enables better results to be delivered

Reduced admin work has made the team more efficient

The back office team now has visibility over all their processes

I remember a time when we spent hours and hours creating reports, but now the same reports can be generated at the click of a few buttons."

Crystal Clear Window Works

The Challenge

As Crystal Clear acquired more clients, they realised that their paper-based process for managing jobs was becoming increasingly burdensome. Their operatives often spent a week on the road, which meant that the paperwork for completed jobs wasn’t returned to the office until the following week.

One of the biggest issues with this system was that a cancelled job resulted in lost time since rescheduling an operative’s day was difficult due to communication challenges and delays.

This lack of visibility and flexibility was impeding business performance and growth prospects, prompting Crystal Clear to consider alternative solutions.

The Solution

Crystal Clear recognised that Oneserve’s cloud-based solution could help them improve their operational efficiency and provide them with significantly greater visibility into their operations:

“As a cloud-based platform, Oneserve came with no upfront costs, serving as a modern and flexible solution.”

Crystal Clear received assistance from a specialist housing software consultant during their transition from paper to software. The consultant commended Oneserve for having one of the smoothest implementation processes they had ever encountered.

The Result

Since adopting Oneserve, Crystal Clear has experienced substantial growth, securing numerous new clients and contracts that were previously unattainable. Despite the increased workload, they can easily manage demands thanks to the reporting functionality offered by their Oneserve system.

The reduced administrative burden associated with job scheduling has enabled them to secure all of this work without having to recruit additional office staff. They can also assign new jobs to operatives and reschedule cancelled jobs on the spot, optimising their working time by adjusting routes.

With Oneserve, the office team has complete visibility of the progress of jobs, allowing them to take appropriate actions (such as invoicing) as soon as the operative completes the work and closes the job on their mobile phone. The immediacy and accuracy of information available through Oneserve has significantly improved Crystal Clear’s customer service and overall business performance.

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