Struggling to recruit? Systems support could offer an alternative



The UK is in the midst of a skilled worker crisis.

Many organisations are struggling to recruit for skilled trades positions as demand outstrips supply. These organisations must now consider other ways in which they can maximise the productivity of their current teams.

Oneserve’s Job Management Software specialises in minimising inefficient or manual processes and streamlines how jobs are scheduled. Our clients typically see an increase in productivity ranging from 25% – 60%, so if you are struggling to recruit new skilled trades people into your team, Oneserve could offer you an alternative solution by helping you maximise the productivity of your current team.

Our interactive Resource Calculator below demonstrates the impact Oneserve could have within your organisation by evaluating the efficiency savings that could potentially be achieved. 

Give it a try and see how much more productive you could be with Oneserve.



Impressed by what Oneserve could offer you? Don’t take our word for it, see how Oneserve boosted productivity at Sovini Property Services.


If you think Oneserve could offer you the alternative you have been looking for in the face of your recruitment challenges, please get in touch today by requesting a demo or alternatively call 08000 385 664.