The Case of Streamlining Maintenance Management at One Housing Group

One Housing Group is a renowned provider of housing, care, and support services across London and the South East, managing over 16,000 properties. The company’s Direct Labour Organization (DLO) was established in 2014 to maintain the housing stock.

Complete visibility of their operatives’ work

An incredibly streamlined and intuitive system

A highly-expandable field service solution

Oneserve has provided a stable platform upon which we could build our DLO. The software is easy to navigate and we have found efficiency savings on an ongoing basis."

One Housing Group

The Challenge

Initially, One Housing relied on external suppliers for maintenance work. However, due to poor visibility of operations, they realised the need for a change. To manage their vast portfolio efficiently, One Housing decided to insource their maintenance work. However, they had no previous experience with a service management system and were uncertain of what they needed.

The Solution

One Housing used OJEU procurement procedures to find a system to support their in-house service. They chose Oneserve because of its expertise in scheduling and control, which were the top priorities for One Housing.

The Result

Oneserve provided a comprehensive solution, supporting One Housing from job request to invoicing. The unified system allowed One Housing to focus on their DLO development.

Complete Visibility
Oneserve retained data from the entire job cycle, providing One Housing with complete visibility of their work. Data can be accessed at any time, and the analytics feature is particularly useful for cost control.

Intuitive System
Oneserve is user-friendly, making it easy for new employees to learn. Over 400 One Housing employees use Oneserve, and specific user guides have been created to streamline the process for new starters.

Continual Improvement
The simplicity of Oneserve allows the System Administrators to make configurations and improvements, and they have direct access to the Oneserve help desk. Regular “health checks” with the Oneserve team ensure that the system is being used efficiently.

One Housing Group was able to focus on making their DLO a success, with Oneserve supporting them every step of the way.

When we have new employees, they quickly get up to speed because Oneserve is easy to find your way around. To make this process even more straightforward, myself and my fellow System Administrators have created specific user guides that direct new starters to the specific functions and information they need, based on the different roles in our organisation.”

One Housing Group

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