Key features of Appointment Management & Job Scheduling software

Key Benefits of effective Appointment Management & Job Scheduling

Reduce administration

Introducing appointment management software to your organisation will simplify the resource scheduling process by reducing administration and increasing accuracy. Oneserve's job scheduling software will take into account location, operative skills and travel time, and suggest the most appropriate appointment for each specific job.

Boost productivity

Oneserve optimises every element of the job planning process. It ensures daily schedules are as efficient as possible, gives your operatives access to all the data they need to complete each job productively via a mobile app, and provides visibility of job progress and performance.

Improve first time fix rates

Return site visits are costly and damage customer satisfaction scores. By considering the skills required for each job, our job scheduling software helps ensure you deliver a highly efficient service that maximises your first time fix rate.

Improve customer satisfaction

The efficiency gains brought to you by Oneserve's job scheduling software will directly enhance the service you deliver to your customers. They will experience more precise appointment slots, less return visits and more knowledgeable and confident operatives.

Automate communications

To further enhance your customer service delivery, you can set key communications, such as emails or text messages, to automatically send to your end customer once an appointment has been scheduled. This can be enhanced further through on-the-day appointment updates and operative tracking via Track My Operative.

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Why is appointment management & Job scheduling Software important?

Appointment planning and resource scheduling processes are often the cause of most inefficiency within organisations with a mobile workforce. The process of balancing workforce productivity, operational performance and customer expectations can be time-consuming and challenging.

Oneserve’s job scheduling software simplifies the process. It schedules work based on operatives’ skill sets and locations, ensuring the right operative attends the right job at the right time. It also allows you to track the capacity of individual operatives and monitor their progress for better resource management. This insight helps you to iron out process inefficiencies and cut costs whilst improving your customer satisfaction scores.

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