Key benefits of compliance management Software

Automatic scheduling

Oneserve’s scheduler creates a cyclical process in which your recurring compliance appointments, such as the annual Landlord Gas Safety Record, can be automatically scheduled as required. Appointment letters can also be auto-created and sent out to residents, followed by scheduled SMS reminders if required. This process can be fully adapted by you to ensure that the system schedules compliance appointments automatically within the timeframes you set.

Real-time visibility

Your workforce is brought together through the unified working processes that Onesereve delivers through its desktop and mobile apps. This enables your back office team and mobile workers to work in partnership, accessing all job data in real-time, as it is recorded. This immediate visibility and access to any data captured on-the-job, enables compliance to be proven quickly and with ease.

Visual evidence capture

Through the Oneserve Mobile App visual evidence such as photographs and signatures can be captured and recorded against the job. Forms such as Risk Assessments and Landlord Gas Safety Certificates can be easily completed through a few taps of your operatives’ phones. Once a form has been completed and any evidence captured, it is immediately recorded against the job. This data and evidence accessibility means it is easy to record essential job information and prove compliance.

Key features of compliance management software

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An overview of Compliance Management Software

With a raft of new legislation being introduced following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, Oneserve understands that regulatory compliance is one of the most important areas for social housing landlords and Contractors, to get right.

It is therefore critical that social housing landlords and contractors keep abreast of new legislative developments such as the Fire Safety Act 2021 and Building Safety Act 2022, and ensure that their processes are up-to-speed when it comes to evidencing compliance and meeting the expectations of regulators. 

From Gas to electrical to fire safety, organisations must ensure they have the correct skills and processes in place to fulfil their obligations. Oneserve’s compliance management software helps social housing landlords and contractors fulfil their recurring property compliance obligations through automatic job scheduling of these cyclical appointments. 

All compliance data recorded on-the-job, including visual evidence and signatures, can be easily recorded through the Oneserve Mobile App and subsequently accessed in real-time by back office teams. This provides a complete audit trail of who undertook what work, when, and in which property, belonging to which tenant, meaning that with Oneserve, compliance can be proven quickly and with ease. 

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