Key features of Customer job diagnostics

Key benefits of Oneserve’s customer job diagnostics

Educate tenants

Tenants have instant access to step-by-step videos, helping to reduce their reliance on operatives for simple issues, freeing up valuable time and reducing inbound calls.

Appointment optimisation

As tenants are more likely to fix simple faults themselves, operatives have more time to focus on jobs where they are truly needed. Tenants also have the power to cancel or reschedule appointments at their convenience, reducing no access appointments.

Gain valuable feedback

When an appointment is finished, tenants have the opportunity to provide feedback, giving you valuable insights on your operatives’ service.

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An overview of Customer Repair Diagnostics

Traditionally, tenants would have to get in touch with their landlord or Housing Association to accurately diagnose and decipher whether a fault is their responsibility. 

Using customer job diagnostics software within Oneserve, tenants have instant access to tailored property data, step-by-step information and a library of videos and images, allowing them to identify and fix simple faults (such as a leaking tap) themselves.

By having the ability to search and report eligible repairs online within Oneserve, the need for inbound calls can be reduced by as much as 50%. Booking an appointment is easy for tenants as they are provided with the control them to select and manage appointments to suit their needs. Operatives’ time can therefore be used more efficiently, only attending jobs where their skills are needed.