Key benefits of Data My Way

Key features of Data My Way

Create customised reports

Oneserve automatically comes with a set of standard reports, or you can create bespoke reports and customised dashboards for the analytics that are most important to you. Manage who sees what by creating different access rights for different teams.

Schedule reports

Once you have built the reports and dashboards, you can schedule them to be sent to your key personnel. These schedules can be automated, ensuring your team receives the right data at the right time.

Data-driven decisions

Now that your team has relevant and valuable data at their fingertips, they can effectively interpret the information to make improvements and strategic plans that will enhance your organisation’s service delivery.

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Data-driven decision making with Data My Way

Effective business intelligence is a vital part of any business and data-driven decision making is key to increasing service delivery standards and profitability. But if your data is stored in multiple systems or formats, extracting and interrogating it can be a very difficult and time consuming task. 

Oneserve’s data-driven job management software stores information about your entire job process in one system, and our analytics dashboard presents this information in an easily digestible and intuitive format. This enables you to effectively interpret and share essential information with the rest of your team allowing you to identify patterns and act on them. 

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“Oneserve is such a powerful tool for us; it’s used in the back office, by mobile workers, engineers and clients to make sure we are always optimising our service delivery to residents.”

“The support we have received from Oneserve has been like no other I’ve seen in this industry before. Our Oneserve Project Manager has been a mentor and given endless support.”