Key features of Oneserve’s mobile workforce management


Oneserve’s mobile workforce management simplifies your appointment scheduling process by doing a lot of the work for you. Once you have pre-configured our workforce management software with job types, operative capabilities and any geographical requirements, Oneserve will identify the slots which match the criteria for that specific job enabling you to schedule work within just a few clicks. Each operative’s schedule can be automatically optimised and will be sent directly to them via their mobile workforce app.

Forms & Surveys

Whilst using our mobile app your team can complete any forms and surveys that you build within the desktop management system. This could be a compliance form, a survey on the health of an asset or a customer satisfaction survey. With no need for paperwork, all of this information is recorded in real-time through a mobile device and you can select specific fields to be mandatory. This enables your field operatives to capture the information you need for your organisation to record evidence and maintain compliance.

Customer satisfaction

As well as increasing collaboration with your frontline mobile workforce, Oneserve also better connects you with your end customers. Our appointment tracking feature provides your customers with live appointment updates so they know who is arriving and when. They can even see your operatives' travel progress on a map and contact your operative if they need to. After the appointment is complete, customer satisfaction surveys can be automatically sent via SMS. As well as improving customer satisfaction capture, this feature has proven to significantly reduce no access appointments as tenants are kept better informed on the day of their service delivery.

Key benefits of mobile workforce management software

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An overview of mobile workforce management software

Managing a mobile workforce can be very challenging. They are the face of your organisation and yet you probably have the least contact with your operatives. Oneserve changes that. By using our mobile workforce management app, your frontline teams have all the information they need to deliver an exceptional service and it also gives them a direct link to share valuable job information with your office based teams.

All data flows in real-time between the mobile workforce management app and the office-based mobile work management software. The flow of data that occurs between the two mobile workforce management systems is controlled by your system administrator. The intuitive nature of the mobile management software means it can be  self-configured and, if required, amended on an ongoing basis. This ensures your processes always match the needs of your organisation and end customers in the most efficient manner possible.

This ability to continually improve and maintain optimum productivity through mobile workforce scheduling software empowers your team because they can go about their work safely in the knowledge that they always have the information available on the mobile workforce app to deliver a quality service that is likely to lead to better first-time-fix rates.

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