Key benefits of Planned and Reactive Maintenance Software

Key features of Oneserve’s planned and reactive Maintenance software

Identify and plan

Map out a schedule of the required work and input this into Oneserve. Our optimised scheduler will then automatically assign jobs in the most efficient manner possible.

Carry out planned works

When work is completed in the field, the operative can record all the relevant information via the Oneserve Mobile App to create an immediate audit trail for compliance and administrative purposes.

Analyse performance

Establish any productivity or cost gains by analysing operational and financial data which is easily accessible in customisable reports and dashboards.

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An overview of Planned and Reactive Maintenance

For many organisations, planned maintenance is an important part of their service offering, yet it can be a time consuming process from an administrative point of view. Many elements need to be considered such as resource requirements and time limits, all of which must be scheduled with minimal impact to your reactive works.

You no longer need to remember to schedule repeat works and then subsequently record job completion details. Instead, Oneserve’s maintenance scheduling software automatically does this for you.


Planned maintenance software provides the tools you need to efficiently manage your planned and reactive maintenance schedule. It automatically assigns jobs to operatives with the correct skills and right location and allows job progress to be tracked. 

Planned maintenance is an important way to reduce repair costs and extend asset life, as well as improve your customer service and boost your organisation’s reputation. Having a well thought-out planned maintenance schedule allows your organisation to be well organised and ahead of your competition in terms of service delivery standards.

Oneserve’s planned maintenance software helps you to further streamline your planned and reactive maintenance schedule. Using intelligent algorithms Oneserve’s maintenance scheduling software assign operatives with the right skills and locations to each job on a continual basis. So, whether the maintenance job is weekly, monthly, or annually you don’t need to worry about remembering to manually schedule it. Oneserve’s software also allows operatives to record information against each job creating an easily accessible audit trail for maintenance jobs that need to be evidenced.