Workflow Management

Plan forward and react fast, continually improve the quality of your service delivery with Oneserve’s customisable workflow management software

Key features of workflow management

Key benefits of Workflow Management Software

Ensure consistency

With your entire team using a workflow management tool and operating to the same workflows, you can be sure that you will deliver a consistent service with a comprehensive data trail. Additionally, prompts and mandatory fields can be added to processes to further maximise accuracy.

Enhanced compliance

Visual evidence, such as photographs and tenant signatures, can be captured and uploaded with ease. This information is then recorded against the job in real-time, providing an extra level of visibility for your organisation.

Monitor effectively

With all of your workflows in a single management system, you can easily monitor and compare your operatives’ performance. You no longer need to study multiple systems or spreadsheets. Instead, Oneserve will give you real-time access to your entire business process.

Intuitive UI/UX

With no limit to the number of surveys you can produce, our survey builder enables you to be confident that you are always capturing the information that is important to your organisation.

Adapt quickly

Every organisation evolves, and so do the demands and needs of its customers. To maximise performance, you need to react to these changes quickly. Our workflow management tool supports you in doing just this, making instant amendments to the system.

Improved customer service

Your mobile operatives can use the survey feature to gather customer feedback helping you identify areas for service improvement. As the results become immediately accessible to your team in the office, any issues that need to be rectified immediately, while the operative is still on site, can be.

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An overview of workflow management software

Undertaking planned and reactive maintenance is crucial for many service organisations, as business requirements and customer expectations continue to change frequently. However, improving these processes and making changes in some field service solutions can be time-consuming and expensive.

Oneserve’s workflow management software will help you optimise processes with ease by self-administering your workflows. The intuitive workflow management tool stores all of your processes in one location making this a quick and simple amendment.


Workflow management software, also known as WMS or WfMS is a software tool, developed to ease repetitive business processes and tasks in order to increase efficiency and productivity. It involves automating an otherwise lengthy process by creating a sequence of tasks, which the data will follow, until fully processed, without the need for constant employee supervision.

Having a workflow management system is important if you want to minimise the risk of human error in completing lengthy process-driven tasks and free-up valuable time to complete business-critical tasks

Oneserve’s workflow management software will increase the efficiency of your teams in the office and out in the field. Allowing you to setup and adjust workflows, our software gives you control of your business processes and allows your teams to make quicker, smarter decisions.