Key benefits of Track My Operative

Key features of Operative Tracking

Reduce no-access appointments

Customers will receive a notification when their appointment is first booked, as well as a reminder 24 hours in advance of their appointment start time. They will also be sent a further reminder on the morning of their appointment, which will include a link to the live location operative tracking portal.

Operative tracking

When the operative selects ‘Start Travel’ or ‘Collect Materials’ on the Oneserve Mobile App, your customers will receive a notification with an ETA window. From this point, they can also view the operative’s location on a map, and track their arrival time. This visibility gives your customers a more accurate view of their operative’s expected arrival time, which will reduce your number of no-access appointments.

Gather feedback

As soon as the operative completes the job in their Oneserve mobile app, your customers are sent a notification asking them to provide some quick and instant feedback on their service experience. This helps you increase your customer satisfaction scores and also provides you with the insight to immediately rectify any service issues that may be identified.

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An overview of Operative Tracking

Track My Operative uses location intelligence to give live updates to your customers, ensuring that they are kept in the loop on their operative’s estimated arrival time. This provides total confidence around your appointments and quashes any frustrations your customers may experience around not knowing when their operative will arrive and when their appointment will take place.

The integrated customer engagement software also allows for improved customer satisfaction. When the appointment has been completed, instant feedback can be gathered through a short survey sent to customers via SMS. Clear reporting in the management dashboard then helps you to gauge a live and honest picture of your customer satisfaction score so you can measure if your service levels are up to scratch.

The management dashboard also provides you with real-time operative tracking, giving you full visibility over your operatives’ locations when they are travelling to or are carrying out an appointment. This gives you the required insight to continually optimise your resources for best effect.

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