Getting It Right First Time – How To Build An Effective In-House Repairs and Maintenance Service

Based on the experience of One Vision Housing, the paper explores the driving factors behind their decision to insource, together with some key points they learnt on their journey and the role technology played in their success.

This white paper looks at why a housing provider may choose to bring its repairs and maintenance service in-house, and the steps it should take when doing so. The points is looks at include:

  • The reasons for change – why One Vision Housing made the decision to bring repairs and maintenance back in-house by creating its own DLO
  • Five point plan – A 5 point essential guide for other organisations considering bringing services in-house
  • The role of technology – how and why technology plays a crucial role in supporting One Vision’s mobile workforce
  • The results – what has been achieved by bringing the service in-house

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