No matter what services you are providing within your social housing contracts, Oneserve’s Building Maintenance software will help you keep control of your service delivery to ensure that you are maximising productivity and hitting your SLAs.

As sector experts, trusted for over a decade by the housing community, Oneserve’s maintenance management software helps building contractors deliver the positive repairs and maintenance service providers need and tenants deserve.

Our comprehensive building maintenance software provides optimised contractor scheduling, parts management, mobile working through the Oneserve Mobile App, asset management, operative communications and tracking, and finance and reporting. Our comprehensive suite of features provide you with all the functionality you need to maximise efficiencies, improve productivity and deliver a better service to your clients and the end customer.

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Key Benefits of Building and Property Maintenance Software

United Team

Our building management software allows you to simultaneously manage mobile workforce teams, both in-house and contractors. Oneserve connects everyone by giving them real-time access to the information and tools they need through the building and property maintenance software. Accessible on any mobile device or through contractor portals, Oneserve brings collaboration that enables everyone to work smarter.

Improve customer service

Everything within our building and property maintenance software works towards delivering a better service. By scheduling intelligently the person with the right skills attends the job. With access to job data that person is equipped with the information they need to work knowledgeably. Our real-time customer updates & engineer tracking feature offers visibility of your entire operation, so your office team can closely monitor performance and customer satisfaction.

Effectively manage finances

Whether you’re quoting for a new job or invoicing for a completed job, you can do all of this through Oneserve’s building maintenance software thanks to our extensive integration capabilities. By seamlessly linking with your existing systems within the building management software, you have all of your data in one system giving you a fast and accurate finance process that is easy to control and monitor.


Building maintenance software helps contractors carry out repairs and maintenance more efficiently. Connecting their people and processes with a cloud-based application to optimise their entire service delivery from planning and scheduling to invoicing and monitoring. 

Building contractors that use maintenance management software are able to complete more jobs on a given day due to enhanced scheduling capabilities. They can make better business decisions with sophisticated reporting tools and greater visibility of performance statistics.

Take a look at our case studies to see how our contractor's scheduling software has helped our clients.

Our building maintenance software is an all-in-one solution for scheduling jobs, quoting and invoicing, contacting customers, and tracking operatives. Uniting your back office team with your operatives, our maintenance and job management software gives you complete control of your service delivery. You can increase first-time fix rates and reduce no-access appointments.

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