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Key features

Optimise scheduling

With Oneserve’s optimised scheduler, you are always in control. Schedule your repairs and maintenance jobs effectively by seeing all available slots that match an operative with the required skills to carry out the work, and who is located as close to the site of the appointment as possible. Then, overnight, the software will optimise those schedules to minimise drive time, reduce costs, and maximise productivity.

Workflow Management

With all of your workflows in a single management system, you can easily optimise your specific processes. Oneserve's intuitive self-service functionality enables you to make workflow configuration changes yourself, as and when you need to. This ensures that time-consuming processes can be automated, the results can be monitored in real-time and continuous improvement opportunities are identified.

Mobile app

Your mobile operatives have real-time access to all the job information they need such as the job history, contact details, and site access instructions, through the Oneserve mobile app. If changes are made to the appointment, the mobile app automatically reflects this to keep your operative fully informed. As operatives complete each job, they record details in written, photo, or video format against each appointment, reducing admin time and building an instant compliance record.

Knowledge Hub

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