Whether you are a non-profit provider or a for-profit provider your primary function is that of a landlord. And with that, comes the responsibility of providing homes to those most in need within our society and also ensuring that these properties are adequately maintained. To do this, you need a trusted social housing software provider.

Oneserve has a long history of supporting Local Authorities and Housing Associations in the delivery of their repairs and maintenance services. Our social housing software supports social housing organisations in efficient scheduling of repairs, property maintenance and routine servicing jobs. It also, minimises costly no-access appointments through facilitating more effective communications with tenants. So you can be confident that the benefits of implementing Oneserve’s social housing software will be seen from the day you begin using it.

Non-Profit providers

Oneserve’s mobile workforce scheduling software simplifies your appointment scheduling process by doing a lot of the work for you. Once you have pre configured the system with job types, operative capabilities and any geographical requirements, Oneserve will identify the slots which match the criteria for that specific job enabling you to schedule work within just a few clicks. Each operative’s schedule can be automatically optimised and will be sent directly to them via their mobile workforce app.

For-Profit providers

Whilst using our mobile app your team can complete any forms and surveys that you build within the desktop mobile workforce management system. This could be a compliance form, a survey on the health of an asset or a customer satisfaction survey. With no need for paperwork, all of this information is recorded in real-time through a mobile device and you can select specific fields to be mandatory. This enables your field operatives to capture the information you need for your organisation to record evidence and maintain compliance.

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