Struggling to recruit? Oneserve could offer an alternative

Many organisations are currently struggling to recruit for skilled trades positions as demand outstrips supply. These organisations must now consider other ways in which they can maximise the productivity of their current teams.

With our clients typically seeing an increase in productivity from our field service management software ranging from 25% to 60%, we have developed a Resource Calculator to help you consider how much more efficient and productive your current team could be with Oneserve.

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Struggling to recruit? Oneserve could offer an alternative

Cloud-Based Field Service Management Software

Unite your mobile workforce, back office team and subcontractors with our workforce management software and field service management solutions.

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<h1>Cloud-Based Field Service Management Software</h1>

Helping You Eliminate Costly Inefficiencies

Our client-partners have reported productivity increases of 25% to 60% with the addition of our workforce management solutions and field service management software.

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Helping You Eliminate Costly Inefficiencies

Field Service Management Software

Field service management software helps organise and connect remote teams quickly and efficiently. Oneserve’s industry-leading service software allows knowledge and information to be shared, updated and monitored in real-time, allowing for smoother business processes and improved customer experience.

Our mobile app is perfect for a workforce which is constantly in the field. It allows employees to manage their time and workload, leading to an exceptional customer service. Request a free demo today and see how Oneserve’s field service management software can help you work smarter.

Case Studies

Our field service management software has transformed working environments, modernised the job scheduling process and improved efficiency for our client-partners and their customers. Find out how our field management software solutions make a difference.

SES Water: Elevated visibility and modernisation

"I was apprehensive in the early days due to the ease of self-configuration and the risk of losing sight of...

KCOM: A cultural and technological change

"Oneserve has transformed the way we manage our jobs. The transition was both a cultural and technological change, but it...

Gravesham Council: A fifth of the budget saved

“If I spoke to someone in local government I would say; if you want to make a significant transformation, then...

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Oneserve's Key Features

Our service software comprises multiple elements uniquely designed to improve business efficiency.

The Best Field Service Management Software

Oneserve is an award-winning field service management software solution, proven to increase efficiencies, optimise workforces and heighten productivity for companies and organisations across the public and private sectors.

Our comprehensive field management software provides your office-based teams, mobile workers and subcontractors with the tools needed to work smarter. The innovative field service management software allows employees to communicate seamlessly, using the intuitive built-in tools and solutions, you can ensure staff are happy and customers are satisfied.

Mobile Workforce Management 40 m

Oneserve fuels 40 million working hours

Mobile Workforce Managment Software 60%

Clients report 25% to 60% increases in productivity from using our FSM software

Managing a Mobile Workforce

1.2 million jobs created this year alone in the Oneserve system

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

There are many benefits associated with implementing service management software. These include but are not limited to:

Save time

Improved Productivity

Work can be prioritised before being assigned quickly and effectively to employees or contractors. You can also react appropriately to challenges that arise whilst ensuring appropriate numbers of staff are available to undertake necessary tasks.

Increase visibility

Increased Asset Visibility

Gain access to and share valuable asset data, allowing you to provide the best possible service. You’ll be able to spot issues and industry trends, remain proactive in your field and stay ahead of competitors.

Empower engineers

An Empowered and Motivated Workforce

Oneserve’s Field Service Management Software provides workers with the information required to complete tasks effectively and confidently. It allows them to control their workload and schedule whilst providing all necessary support.

Satisfy stakeholders

Satisfied Stakeholders

Perhaps the most important benefit of using service software is its ability to meet customer expectations and improve their overall experience. Organisational objectives are also easier to achieve with Oneserve’ service software solutions. With more jobs completed on time, your business will meet KPIs and SLAs with ease.

What is Field Service Management Software?

Field Service Management Software (Or simply, Field Management Software) is a tailored software solution for businesses within the service delivery sector. The specially developed software helps organisations reduce service delivery times, improve productivity, gain better understanding of data and reduce costs across the business. At the same time the cloud-based software aids business automation, benefiting the workforce and end customer.

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Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself why Oneserve’s field service management software has won multiple awards across the UK service business sector. Our modern FSM software solutions will boost business productivity, improve customer satisfaction and improve compliance. Choosing the right Field Service Management Solution is a pivotal business decision. Request a free no-obligation demo from Oneserve.

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    “Oneserve’s field service management software schedules the right engineer for the job with the necessary materials and skills, allowing the engineer to complete the job the first time.”


    “In the last six months we have increased productivity by a further 25% through working closely with the Oneserve team.”


    “We completed 15% more jobs in the first four weeks of adopting Oneserve’s field service management software.”