Why is Artificial Intelligence valuable in service management?

First let’s clarify what we mean by Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Oxford Dictionary classifies ‘AI’ as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence.

Believe it or not, AI has been about for over 50 years with the first industrial robot company starting in 1962. That said, it wasn’t until the 90s that AI began to make notable strides. From the development of a chess playing programme that beat the existing world chess champion; to NASAs first autonomous robotics system successfully being deployed on the surface of Mars. But perhaps the most memorable introduction of AI was the global Furby craze in the 90s. Over 40 million of these interactive robot pets were sold, generating more than a billion dollars in sales.

The arrival of the Furby was the beginning of AI’s commercialisation. Twenty years later it continues to be a very profitable channel and this is no different in the service management industry. It’s just that our industry has been slower on the uptake and the advantages are not as flamboyant. Instead, in the service management sector AI is a hidden gem. But while it may be hidden, with the right approach, you need to think of diamonds rather than rhinestones!

How AI has been used in service management

Artificial Intelligence has started to take a presence in our industry but up until now it has operated in somewhat of a silo; typically deployed to improve the scheduling of multiple operatives to maximise efficiency. However, there is a greater strength in AI being used as part of a wider embrace, where it is deployed on a much wider basis to really question how problems are addressed.

For example, the use of sensors in assets such as boilers are now becoming more commonplace and the data the sensors communicate is extensive. But once the ‘machine’ has sent that information, what happens to it? It often arrives in the form of an alert and a human then reacts to that alert. At this point a Service Management platform, such as Oneserve is used to arrange for an operative to reactively respond and correct the fault.

In reality, AI is much more intelligent and can be used in a much more intuitive way. The service management industry just hasn’t had the technology, or the confidence, to reap the full rewards.

That is until now.

How to use Artificial Intelligence intelligently

Take the example above – once the data has been gathered from sensors, humans take over. If a fault has occurred an engineer goes and fixes it. This is great, but it could be so much better.

Oneserve recognised that the true potential of AI was not fully being exploited which is why we created Oneserve infinite. Our predictive service management solution combines the advances of recent AI developments and brings a cohesive solution that adds true value.

With Oneserve infinite, when the sensors raise an alert, our service management software immediately kicks into action. Remedial action is automatically scheduled with an engineer who will have the skills and parts to fix the problem.

But infinite doesn’t stop there.

Oneserve infinite is continually learning; building relationships and establishing performance levels from a broad spectrum of data sources.

Using deep learning, Oneserve infinite turns these relationships into meaningful value and identifies factors that contributed to a failure, predictively before it happens. This could be the failure of a part or a site access issue, optimising uptime, maximising efficiency and eliminating cost.

No matter how small the highlighted problem is, because it is identified so early, it will always save money. Fruitless site visits will become far less common, you will maximise KPI performance, you will be able to establish the longevity of your assets and customers will receive a service they haven’t previously considered possible.

The infinite capabilities of AI

Rather than bringing standalone benefits, used wisely, AI can provide an all-encompassing service management solution that truly has no ceiling. The more data it is able to consume, the more its capabilities will improve.

Learn more about Oneserve infinite here.