SES Water

SES Water delivers water to over 300,000 properties across the east of England. Their team of 290 people maintains a continual supply of water to 707,000 consumers through the effective management of eight treatment works, 23 pumping stations, 31 operational service reservoirs & water towers and 2,153 miles of water mains.

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The challenge

At its core, SES Water aims to deliver a consistent and efficient service. Vital to achieving this is the need to minimise supply interruptions and leakage across the 322 sq miles that they operate. Originally, they relied upon paper, spreadsheets and an internally developed software solution to maintain their services. Although this system had its merits, the self-built element of it meant all changes or queries had to be directed towards the small team that developed the solution. This often caused bottlenecks and meant the software was unable to evolve as quickly as the organisation required.

To improve efficiencies and visibility of the work they carry out, whilst also having the flexibility to evolve their processes, they started to explore how job management systems could help.

With a clear set of requirements and a need to maximise the finances invested, they formed a procurement group to source their new solution.

The solution

Using a cloud-based solution was new to SES, which initially brought some apprehension. The majority of their concerns revolved around security, however, as with most cloud solutions, our security standards are more stringent than that of an on-premise solution.

Oneserve is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means we take advantage of the latest technological advancements and continuously develop and improve the software. Security updates are included in this development process and they are automatically updated without any additional costs or resource requirements.

The self-managed functionality offered by Oneserve allows SES to make amendments to the software directly, bringing greater flexibility and ensuring the software evolves accordingly

Oneserve’s user interface was a stand-out feature for us that outshone the competition.

Jeremy Heath, Innovation Manager - SES Water

The results

Following the implementation of Oneserve, the increase in visibility became quickly apparent, giving SES the confidence to make improvements to their processes based on clear data presented via Oneserve.

Although they initially used just a few of the features offered by Oneserve, thanks to the usability and capabilities of the software, they decided to expand their use of the system across all field-work activities. This means they have an end-to-end solution, further simplifying procedures and increasing visibility.

One of the additional features they benefit from is the Oneserve Mobile app, which connects their engineers with the back office, allowing them to access their daily schedule and feedback progress in real-time, all via their mobile device. The office team can also view an engineer’s location, making it very easy to accommodate emergency repairs, providing an even more cohesive and efficient process.


Reliable data informing better decision making


A clean, end-to-end solution


Team cohesion through mobile working

With Oneserve we can capture information in various formats, from images to data, such as water quality recordings and risk assessment surveys. This information is located in one place, providing a single version of the truth for anyone that requires access.

David Samuel, Project Manager - SES Water