Sovini Property Services

Our experience working with housing maintenance organisations means we understand the voids process and have subsequently designed software which considers void work programmes. As such, Sovini were able to quickly reap the efficiency gains as soon as they started using Oneserve.

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The Challenge

With over 13,000 homes in their portfolio, Sovini Property Services hold a significant stake in social housing maintenance for North West England. In addition to repairs and investment work, Sovini regenerate voids properties, a service provided for three of their main social housing clients. Sovini recognised the voids process as one that held potential efficiency gains, and so set about achieving them with Oneserve.

The Solution

Oneserve recognised the importance of reducing the time taken to complete repairs and maintenance on each void property, and subsequently configured a solution specific to Sovini’s needs.

Visibility of job progress – All job data is now stored in a single system, from the engineer completing the job, to the parts that have been required. As such, Sovini now has complete visibility of each operatives’ progress, as well as the progress of the property itself.

Useful data, on demand – Oneserve collates information from the start of a job through to the end. Sovini access this information, in real time, via intuitive reports and dashboards, giving them access to the information they need at a drop of a hat.

Collaborative working – Oneserve connects everyone working on the project to ensure progress is maintained at an efficient pace. For example, once a surveyor completes their work, they send an order to the central Sovini team. The team then allocates work to an operative, who in turn uses Oneserve to mark elements as complete when necessary. All of this data is easily visible on the system, on demand.

In the last six months we have increased productivity by a further 25% through working closely with the Oneserve team.

Managing Director, Sovini

The Result

A bespoke solution delivering standout efficiency gains.

By using an all inclusive system to manage the voids process, Sovini has become much more efficient at turning around empty properties.

They have:

  • Reduced the number of days spent on voids projects from 10.09 to 8.99 in just 6 months

  • Increased productivity by 25% and efficiency by 11%, attributable to process improvements.


Reduced the number of days spent on voids projects from 10.09 to 8.99 in just 6 months


Increased productivity by 25%


Increased efficiency by 11%