Optimised Scheduling

Scheduling effectively is a fine art that involves juggling multiple factors such as the location of the job or the skills required to complete that job efficiently.

If one of those factors is out of line, you risk providing an unsatisfactory service that could require costly repeat visits. Optimised scheduling removes the risk of inefficiency by automatically arranging appointments in the most efficient schedule possible. Our software can also enable you to manage your assets and track mobile engineers.

An overview

Our optimised scheduler includes all of the functions of our Scheduling & Dispatch solution but adds an additional level of intelligence, delivering you highly efficient schedules, minimising drive time, reducing costs and maximising your ROI.

Key benefits:

Reduce the administration burden

Significantly reduce administration time by letting our optimised scheduler do all the work for you. Oneserve will make an appointment by taking into account the location, skills and travel time and then automatically create the most efficient schedule.

Improve accuracy

When there are so many influencing factors, human error is inevitable when booking appointments. This could culminate in the need for repeat visits or wasted travel time. By automating the process you will ensure each job has been scheduled efficiently.

Maximise first time fix rates

Oneserve ensures an engineer with the right skills attends each job. By always marrying the type of work with the required skills, you will reduce the number of repeat visits required, increasing both customer satisfaction and productivity.

Complete more jobs per day

Our scheduling and dispatch solution will consider the location and drive time before appointments are assigned to engineers. Each engineer will therefore be given the most efficient schedule possible enabling them to complete more jobs per day.

Minimise costs

Our scheduler uncovers multiple cost savings. Whether that is lower fuel costs or reduced labour costs due to a higher first time fix rate, Oneserve continually optimises your schedule to ensure you operate as profitably as possible.

Improve morale

Oneserve reduces the frustration of inefficient or long journeys and long-winded scheduling procedures by optimising the entire process. As a result, your team will be able to complete their work more productivity and this will subsequently increase morale.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Optimised Scheduler

Step 1: Optimise schedules

Each night our powerful scheduling engine uses advanced scheduling algorithms to find the most efficient order for your day’s appointments. It automatically minimises the overall drive time whilst maintaining the appointment commitments made to clients.

Step 2: Complete the job

After the appointments have been optimised overnight, each operative will receive their schedule of work on their mobile device. At a click of a button they can access all forms, processes and data they need to complete each job as productively as possible.

Step 3: Monitor job progress

Once your team has recorded information about each job on their mobile device, this is instantly accessible to your office team. They can subsequently monitor progress, report on performance and identify any efficiency improvements.