Asset Management

Managing a portfolio of assets can be challenging in its own right. When you add the requirement to manage planned and reactive works for each asset, the challenge further escalates.

Oneserve’s asset management software enables you to monitor the status of your assets, create managed programmes of work and track ongoing maintenance and repair activities.  Within industries such as property maintenance and manufacturing, this level of tracking and asset and stock management is invaluable.

An overview

Oneserve's asset management software securely stores reports , specifications, manuals and photos. These details can be accessed and updated in the field to always ensure you have an up to date audit trail.

Key benefits

Manage asset status

Manage and track the lifecycle of your assets from installation, operation, maintenance upgrade and disposal in a single solution.

Schedule recurring maintenance

Maintain service levels and manage compliance by planning and automating scheduling of cyclical works.

Record detailed audit trails

Stay compliant and mitigate risk by creating asset surveys that your operatives authorise to confirm completion.

What you can expect from Oneserve's Asset Management Software

Record asset details

Collate an unlimited amount of information on each asset by easily creating custom fields and asset surveys.

View and update details

Access real-time asset information and allow your engineers to make updates in the field direct from their mobile device.

Schedule work

Raise a job associated with each asset and ensure the best suited resource and appropriate time is assigned.