Workflow Management

Remaining reactive is crucial for many service organisations, as business requirements and customer expectations continue to change frequently. Improving processes and making changes in some field service solutions, however, can be time-consuming and expensive.

Oneserve’s workflow management will help you optimise processes with ease by self-administering your workflows. The intuitive workflow management tool stores all of your processes in one location making this a quick and simple amendment.

Workflow management system software, also known as WMS or WfMS is a software tool, developed to ease repetitive business processes and tasks in order to increase efficiency and productivity. It involves automating an otherwise lengthy process by creating a sequence of tasks, which the data will follow, until fully processed, without the need for constant employee supervision.

An overview

Oneserve’s workflow management enables you to plan forward and react fast, empowering your team and continually improving service delivery. The Customisable workflows feature allows you to monitor and identify workflow improvements, making any adjustments yourself.

Key benefits of Workflow Management

Ensure consistency

With your entire team operating to the same workflows, you can be sure that you will deliver a consistent service with a comprehensive data trail. Additionally, prompts and mandatory fields can be added to processes to further maximise accuracy.

Monitor effectively

With all of your workflows in a single system, you can easily monitor and compare their performance. You no longer need to study multiple systems or spreadsheets, instead, Oneserve will give you real-time access to your entire business process.

Adapt quickly

Every business evolves, and so do the demands and needs of your customers. To stay at the top of your game, you need to react to these quickly. Our workflow management enables you to do just this, making instant amendments to the system.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Customisable Workflow tool

Step 1: Self-configure your own processes

Our workflow management is simple to use but sophisticated in its output. You can add any number of processes, whether that is to initiate an on-site survey or to send a customer a text message. You can also apply rules and restrictions to each workflow.

Step 2: Monitor the success of your processes

All workflows can be accessed from a single page within Oneserve. This makes updating and amending them very simple. When combined with our intelligent reporting capabilities, Oneserve gives you the visibility and intelligence you need to quickly highlight efficiencies.

Step 3: Make improvements to your processes

Instantly adjust existing processes and add new workflows as you uncover potential improvements. This ongoing focus on improvement and the speed in which you can make the changes means you will continually deliver an outstanding and cost-effective service.