While we have a set of standard interfaces, we also have the ability to cater for specific integration requirements and we have successfully integrated Oneserve with a number of more bespoke and legacy systems using our integration module.

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An overview

Oneserve connects with your existing ecosystem to create a seamless and highly efficient process.

The benefits

Maximise efficiencies

By connecting all of the applications you use, you reduce administration, increase accuracy and improve efficiency. Whether that is simplifying the invoice process or directly ordering replenishment parts, each integration will significantly improve your efficiencies.

Interface with 3rd parties

If the information is stored in Oneserve, we can interface it with a third party system. This could include: details of your assets, your job history, a record of appointments, costs assigned to your work, property details, resident or customer satisfaction information or schedules of work.

Highly skilled team

Our integration team has a vast amount of experience integrating systems. They integrate with Oneserve using a variety of services. While they have a set of standard interfaces they can also cater for specific, standalone requirements.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Integration Services

Step 1: Identify requirements

During your implementation period we will work with you to establish which systems it would be beneficial to integrate with. We will then identify what data should flow between the systems before arranging the integration.

Step 2: Import data into Oneserve

As the implementation stage progresses, you will need to import data into Oneserve. This will be mapped in your implementation schedule and prepared simply by completing a series of standard import spreadsheets.

Step 3: Export data out of Oneserve

If you need to export data from Oneserve we can provide a 'data dump' via encrypted/secure methods on a regular basis. Alternatively, if you have specific requirements, we will work with you to export the data in your required format.