Invoicing & Costing

To invoice quickly and effectively, you require immediate access to job data. If you are invoicing from a separate system or via paper format this could create extra administration, cause delays and potentially lead to inaccuracies.

Oneserve stores all job information from quoting through to completion, therefore invoicing can be achieved with speed and precision. In addition, with access to all your financial data, Oneserve gives you a complete picture of all the costs involved with each job, site and/or client.

An overview

Whether your customers work from time and materials or a schedule of rates, and you invoice in batches or individually, Oneserve stores all of the information you need to quickly and accurately invoice your customers.

Key benefits

Automatically assign costs

As your team completes work, all costs, such as labour and parts, are automatically calculated and assigned to the specific job.

Manually add costs

Should you have any ad hoc costs that need to be attached to a job, Oneserve enables you to apply them manually.

Invoice quickly

Eradicate paperwork to invoice quickly and with confidence. You can either generate invoices within Oneserve or export the data.

Integrate with existing systems

Oneserve integrates with an array of financial systems including Sage, Xero and QuickBooks, which further connects your processes.

Monitor overall performance

You can monitor activity levels, labour costs and stock usage and display this information in user-friendly dashboards.

Generate insightful projections

Forecast future revenue streams, cash flow and projected profitability with real-time visibility of your financial and operational performance.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Invoicing and Costing

Step 1: Generate invoices

Oneserve automatically assigns relevant job costings to each job. This enables you to accurately collate the relevant financial information required for each invoice.

Step 2: Generate the invoice

To create an invoice, you can either do so within Oneserve, or, thanks to our extensive integration capabilities, export the data directly into your financial package of choice.

Step 3: Complete financial reports

Convert financial data such as cash flow and projected profitability into financial reports by using our intuitive dashboard. You can then share them with key stakeholders.