Key Benefits of Workflow Management Software


Maximising productivity and delivering a consistently high level of service can be tricky to achieve with a remote workforce. Communication is often challenging and processes can be inconsistent, all of which impact the customer experience. Oneserve’s field service management solution software allows you to streamline processes and provide your team with complete visibility of your service delivery. From the team in the office, to the field service staff, they all have sight of the information they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This visibility also gives you the insight necessary to improve efficiencies, enabling you to deliver an excellent service cost effectively.


Our easy to use mobile workforce management software empowers your teams through self service management solutions to continually improve service delivery. Intuitive to use, our cloud-based software gives you the control to make amendments and improve workflow efficiencies, as and when you need to with no delay and no additional cost. Our software enables to you forward plan and react to changes when required.


An overview

Our comprehensive field service management software provides your back office teams, mobile workers and subcontractors with the tools and knowledge they need to work smarter. Intelligently schedule jobs, automatically reorder parts, monitor performance & customer satisfaction and make continual efficiency improvements. Read our case studies to see how we have helped improve productivity by 30% in just four weeks of use.

Key benefits

Complete visibility

Keep completely up to date with your teams activities by monitoring and tracking performance in real-time. You can also provide schedule change updates directly to your team, such as customer cancellations.

Ensure compliance

With everyone working to the same processes and no need for paperwork, you can be confident that all relevant data is captured. This will subsequently ensure you remain compliant with regulations such as the Gas Safety Record.

Automated communications

Improve customer service by integrating automated communications into your workflows. Whether you want to send emails or texts, you can keep your customers in the loop by defining points in the workflow to send them.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Job & Workflow Management Software

Step 1: Optimise your scheduling

With Oneserve’s optimised scheduler, you are always in control. You can schedule a job using our intuitive mobile workforce scheduling software. It will show all available slots, matching the job with the engineers who are in the right location and have the right skills to complete the job efficiently. Then, overnight, it will optimise those schedules ensuring the most efficient routes are taken to maximise productivity.

Step 2: Communicate seamlessly

With our field management software Oneserve automatically informs the operative of their working schedule, feeding through all relevant information to create a seamless working experience whilst saving administration and your bottom line. If changes happen, such as last minute appointment cancellations, Oneserve will alert the operative keeping them up-to-date and preventing wasted journeys.

Step 3: Commence work

Your operative will have real-time access to all the job information they need through the mobile app, such as the job history, contact details and site access instructions. As they complete each job, they can add details, whether in written, photo or video form to record all relevant information against each job. The immediacy and simplicity of this data capture reduces administration and speeds up the process.