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Oneserve’s job management software helps service providers streamline their operations. This highly effective job management software manages jobs through the system providing instant visibility for everyone involved in the job management process – from the engineer on the road to the administrator scheduling the job, to the manager monitoring performance.

The job scheduling software provides a fluid process that will not only improve efficiencies but also provide the data necessary to make continual improvements to your operational processes.

Furthermore, as you identify improvements, you can directly make amendments to your workflows within the job management software, without additional cost or time delay.

An Overview

Oneserve’s job management software consists of a network of processes that sit in the background of operational processes and control your entire service delivery. From scheduling a job to sending the engineer details of that job to collating the necessary data, to monitoring performance and customer satisfaction , our job management software takes care of everything.

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The adaptability of Oneserve is invaluable. Whenever we need to make a tweak to our processes, we can do so directly ourselves. This immediacy and simplicity really works for us.

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Key Benefits of Job Management Software

Complete visibility

Our job management software provides everyone in your organisation with real-time job information, from details of the next job to an appointment cancellation, to customer satisfaction surveys. All data is captured in Oneserve’s job scheduling software and everyone in your team will follow the same processes. This consistency and data accessibility within the job management software will give you the insight necessary to monitor and track your service delivery from start to finish.

Adapt quickly

Every business evolves and needs to change. Job management software can help ease and organise this process. Whether that is responding to a crisis such as COVID-19, preparing for a new strategic focus or making tweaks to your processes to further remove inefficiencies - to be effective, you need to make these changes quickly and without cost. The flexibility of our highly intuitive job management software means you can react quickly and ensure your processes always match your business needs.

Ensure compliance

Within our job management software you have the option to create forms and surveys. These can be slotted into your processes at relevant points to ensure you capture the data you need to evidence your compliance. Many of our clients use this feature of the job management software to produce a Gas Safety Record for example. With no need for paperwork and a comprehensive data trail, you can be confident that you have the evidence you need to remain compliant.

The Key Features Of Oneserve’s Job Management Software

Job scheduling

Scheduling jobs can be one of the most time consuming operational tasks. Oneserve’s job scheduling software takes away this administrative burden by matching a job type with the engineer in the right location and with the right skills. The software will show you all available slots enabling you to schedule a job with just a few clicks. Then, if you choose to do so, the optimised scheduler in the job scheduling software will rearrange those appointments overnight to ensure each engineer has the most efficient route mapped out for the next day’s appointments.

Team communication

Oneserve’s job management software automatically informs your front line team of their schedule and details of each job, including job history, customer contact details and site access instructions. As they complete each job, they can use the mobile workforce management app to input key information, such as mandatory fields in a form or annotated photos. They can also record what parts have been used so that you can accurately cost each job and, if required, submit an order to replenish stock.

Customer satisfaction

Oneserve’s job management software also connects you with your customers by tracking your engineers in real-time. Our appointment update feature in the job management system sends ETA updates to provide more precise appointment details. You can choose to gather instant customer feedback by sending a short survey to customers via SMS once the appointment has been completed. In addition to improving customer satisfaction, this service also works to reduce your no access rates.

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