Job & Workflow Management Software

Workflows are the lifeblood of every service organisation – without them you cannot provide your customers with an effective service and you cannot keep control of your costs.

Our job and workflow management software will ensure your team all work to the same processes and will give you visibility of the effectiveness of each process. This real-time visibility and ease of use means you will quickly be able to respond to changing demands and continually optimise and improve.

An overview

Acting as the hub of your service operation, our work management software solution provides all the visibility your teams require to plan, coordinate, complete, update and monitor every element of your service delivery.

Key benefits

Complete visibility

Keep completely up to date with your teams activities by monitoring and tracking performance in real-time. You can also provide schedule change updates directly to your team, such as customer cancellations.

Ensure compliance

With everyone working to the same processes and no need for paperwork, you can be confident that all relevant data is captured. This will subsequently ensure you remain compliant with regulations such as the Gas Safety Record.

Automated communications

Improve customer service by integrating automated communications into your workflows. Whether you want to send emails or texts, you can keep your customers in the loop by defining points in the workflow to send them.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Job & Workflow Management Software

Step 1: Design your workflows

Start building your workflow within the Oneserve system; add relevant steps, transitions and rules. Configure rules to map the process and add customer communication channels if you wish to keep customers up-to-date.

Step 2: Create forms and surveys

Create your own bespoke forms and surveys to ensure your capture all the relevant information. These forms and surveys will be deployed to each operative, via their mobile device, ensuring everyone consistently follows the same process.

Step 3: Monitor and improve

Track the progress of your jobs in real-time as they move through your workflows. Status and job data can easily be viewed, giving you the information you need to quickly identify and make efficiency improvements.