Mobile Application

Mobile working can make it difficult for your office team to communicate effectively with those who are delivering your service. Maximising productivity and delivering a consistently high level of service can also be limited by this way of working.

Our mobile workforce software unites your teams, giving them all the information they need to work more productively. With access to a vast amount of information from job history to surveys, the need for paperwork is eliminated.

An overview

Our mobile workforce management software gives your front line team the information they need to deliver an outstanding customer service and your office team the visibility to ensure you deliver an efficient service.

Key benefits

Access anywhere

With all the information they need on their mobile device, your operatives can carry out their work efficiently. Even if they do not have an internet connection they will still be able to access and record information.

No manual paperwork

Our mobile workforce management software securely stores all the information your team requires. This eradicates the need for any paperwork, reduces administration and removes any ambiguity previously experienced.

Capture information on the go

Capture key information such as signatures, photos, customer satisfaction stats and health and safety details via the mobile App. This automatically updates in Oneserve to give you immediate insight of all of your data.

Continually optimise performance

Our workforce planning tool provides real time access to all job information so that you can monitor and track performance. As you identify inefficiencies you can quickly react and ensure your service delivery remains high.

Ensure compliance

Adhere to your compliance obligations by creating mandatory fields that capture all of the information you need. Captured on the mobile App and stored centrally, you can immediately access the data whenever you need it.

Data security

We ensure that the data you collect and store within our field service management software is protected from unauthorised or malicious behaviour. We do so by adhering to rigorous data controls and methods.

What you can expect from Oneserve’s Mobile Workforce Management Software

Step 1: Scheduling a job

Schedule a job using our intuitive scheduling screen. It will show all available slots, matching the job with the engineers who are in the right location and have the right skills to complete the job as efficiently as possible.

Step 2: Notify the operative

Oneserve automatically informs the operative of their working schedule, feeding through all relevant information. If changes happen, such as last minute appointment cancellations, Oneserve will alert the operative.

Step 3: Commence work

Your operative will have real-time access to all the job information they need, such as job history, contact details and site access instructions. They can then record details of that job directly in Oneserve via their mobile app.