Mobile Engineer Tracking

With a network of engineers constantly traveling to and from jobs, it can be difficult to react to ad hoc situations such as traffic congestion or customers who query arrival times. If you can see exactly where each member of your team is at any given time, you are able to manage productivity effectively and respond quickly to any potential barriers to that productivity. 

Oneserve‘s mobile engineer tracking gives you this visibility by using GPS tracking technology from your engineer’s mobile devices, our mobile workforce software presents the current position of your workforce on a map. This can help you effectively schedule resources and manage assets

An overview

Workforce tracking connects the dots between a scheduled job and completed job. The map can be viewed by specific area or filtered to show specific engineers. You also have the option of visualising historical travel routes.

Key benefits

Real-time visibility

Our workforce tracking software shows you geographical locations in real-time and automatically refreshes, keeping you up to date.

Track job progress

With mobile engineer tracking you can see when an engineer has arrived at site and when they begin their journey to the next job.

Increase productivity

GPS tracking will give you accurate travel time analysis enabling you to pinpoint efficiency improvements across your workforce.

React effectively to new jobs

If you receive a reactive or emergency job you can quickly see which engineer is closest and ensure you respond as efficiently as possible.

Improve customer service

Should a customer query when an operative will arrive, the real-time tracking will enable you to give an accurate response.

Maintain safety of your workforce

By monitoring travel and movement of your operatives you will be aware of any unexpected or unusual deviations.