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Oneserve’s mobile workforce management software helps organisations manage and communicate with field-based staff.

Mobile workforce management can be very challenging. They are the face of your organisation and yet the employees you have the least contact with. Oneserve changes that. By using our mobile workforce management app your frontline teams have all the information they need to deliver an exceptional service and it gives them a direct link to share valuable information with your office-based teams.

All data flows in real-time between the mobile workforce management app and the office-based mobile workforce management software. The flow of data that occurs between the two mobile workforce management systems is controlled by your system administrator. The intuitive nature of the mobile workforce management software means they can self-configure and, if required, amend the system on an ongoing basis, to ensure your processes always match the needs of your business and customers in the most efficient manner possible.

This ability to continually improve and maintain optimum productivity through mobile workforce scheduling software empowers your team because they can go about their work safely in the knowledge that they always have the information they need from the mobile workforce management software to perform to a high standard.

An overview

Oneserve’s mobile management software brings your teams together, connecting them with the processes and information that is essential for you to deliver an efficient, customer-focused service. Discover more by watching the video.

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We have oversight of our entire workforce, which enables us to monitor performance and more accurately record job costings. We can also carry out safety checks through surveys, ensuring we remain compliant with legislation. Oneserve has become an entire workflow for our workforce, helping everyone operate productively.

Daniel Killian, Assistant Director of Operations - Gravesham Borough Council

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Advantages of Mobile Workforce Management Software

Oneserve’s comprehensive mobile workforce management software provides your back-office teams, mobile workers and subcontractors with the tools and knowledge they need to work smarter. Our mobile workforce management software offers a flexible management tool that can be adapted to meet the needs of clients from a variety of industries, including social housing, local governments, utilities and telecommunications. Read our case studies to see how our mobile workforce solutions have helped improve productivity by 30% in a diverse range of workplace organisations in just four weeks of use.

Key benefits of mobile workforce management software

Seamless communication

Our mobile workforce management software connects your operatives and engineers with your office-based teams. With no need for paperwork, everyone can see schedules, job details, parts usage, costs and customer satisfaction all in the same system. Your frontline team can capture information such as photos and compliance data even in a low signal area through the mobile workforce scheduling software and your office team can keep track of progress in real-time, directly communicating any changes, such as an appointment cancellation. Everyone is kept in the loop making it far easier for them to complete their jobs.

Improved productivity

With greater collaboration comes greater efficiency. Through Oneserve’s mobile workforce management software there are no wasted journeys or repetitive administrative tasks. Everyone works to the same processes and provides information through the same channels, removing any ambiguity or data gaps. Processes link together fluidly from the start of the customer journey all the way through to the end. Everyone involved in that journey has the right information at their fingertips to deliver an exceptional, highly efficient service.

Continual improvements

With all data in one place, and access to analytical reports and dashboards, with the mobile workforce management software you have the insight necessary to identify efficiency improvements. Similarly, you can monitor customer feedback so that you always have an ear to the ground and can react quickly if required. If you do identify an area for improvement, or simply need to adjust your processes to accommodate a business change, you can do so yourself by directly amending the highly intuitive process workflows. All with no delays and no additional cost.

The key features of Oneserve’s mobile workforce management software


Oneserve’s mobile workforce scheduling software simplifies your appointment scheduling process by doing a lot of the work for you. Once you have pre configured the system with job types, operative capabilities and any geographical requirements, Oneserve will identify the slots which match the criteria for that specific job enabling you to schedule work within just a few clicks. Each operative’s schedule can be automatically optimised and will be sent directly to them via their mobile workforce app.

Forms & Surveys

Whilst using our mobile app your team can fill in forms and surveys that you build within the core mobile workforce management system. This could be a survey on the health of an asset, a customer satisfaction survey or a compliance form. With no need for paperwork, all of this information is recorded in real-time through a mobile device and you can select specific fields to be mandatory. This enables your field workers to capture the information you need for your business to remain effective and compliant.

Customer satisfaction

As well as increasing collaboration with your frontline mobile workers, Oneserve also better connects you with your customers. Through our appointment tracking feature, you can provide live updates to your customers so they know who is arriving and when. They can even see their travel progress on a map and respond to your operative if they need to. At the end of a job, if you choose to, you can also send a customer satisfaction survey via SMS. As well as improving customer satisfaction, this feature has also proven to significantly reduce no access appointments.

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